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Do you use VR in sim racing?

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Jan 7, 2017
but I had the opportunity 6 months or so ago to try out a VR setup with motion. The HMD and GPU were both older, so the quality of graphics was nothing to write home about, but even with the greatly decreased graphics quality, I was blown away.
Oh, I would so dearly love to try VR+motion! :thumbsup:
vFOV is adopted by Kunos and all ISI engine based games (rFactor 1 & 2, GSC, GSCE, SCE, AMS), hFOV is only PCars and EATS. I think it's more accurate and easier to use for different monitors ratio as your world scale for given vFOV will stay the same regardless of 4:3, 16:9 or ultrawide monitors.
Remember that FOV is not only how much you can see but how proportional to real life the distances and objects are.
Ahh. I think this means I don't fully understand the issue here, as it had seemed like it was just a question of a different choice about what you're keeping constant when changing things (whether 16:9, 32:9, or other). Don't want to drag things further off topic though so will just ponder it for now :D


Sep 6, 2018
The Reverb Pro v2 is a great headset, I've sold mine to move on to the G2 as the main weakness of the original is lens sweet spot and sound both of which are, supposedly, sorted on the G2. I did notice mura and CA in the original Reverb as well but this was quickly forgotten once driving.

In terms of pixel density only the 8k plus will be better, the 5k screens are nearly twice the size with so need twice the pixels to match the reverb. For $340 you can't go wrong, it needs a beefy pc though for some games (ACC was unplayable on my i7 9700k/rtx 2070 super setup).
I have seen a few people now with both headsets, reverb g2 and pimax 8kx say that the reverb is the clearer of the two.


Nov 1, 2016
I'm glad it helps a great many feel more in-tune and immersed in the sims and I hope the tech continues to be supported and improve in the years to come. While I'd say most people are not sure of their motion sickness tolerance with VR, I'd say I'm one of the few who's definitely sure it would mess me up pretty badly. I've suffered from vertigo symptoms for the past 6 years non-stop to varying levels (if you've ever watched "Arrested Development", I'm like Lucille 2). It eventually corrected itself "enough", but it's still always there and varies in intensity. On top of all that, I've always been sensitive to motion since childhood, especially when not controlled by me (i.e. I hate being driven by someone for long trips, and sailing/flying tend to suck depending on length of trip and turbulence/weather). Don't even talk about being in an anchored boat and bobbing around :unsure:

So why you have a history like that, VR seems pretty intimidating...because even though people just assume your mind can't fathom how awesome being "in the game is" (trust me, I have a vivid imagination...I've actually wanted VR to exist since I was a little boy in the 80's), you know it's not for you. Triples however work pretty well for me, although every now and again I might feel a slight theory is that since I can see my actual hands and feet it's not as jarring.

Not trying to take away from VR at all, just explaining the perspective of a few who are reluctant to try it...but happy for all of you who get to experience it :thumbsup:

(I just hope devs don't forget about us Triple Monitor guys, luckily most modern sims support it)
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Jul 11, 2017
What's the audio quality like on these headsets?

Can you hear cars over/undertaking you as you race?

What about tyre/brake squeal/ suspension squeak?

I can only speak for the Samsung Odyssey+ but it is reasonable. They have AKG on ear speakers and I can hear cars get alongside as well as tire and brakes and all that jazz if its there in the sim. They definitely aren't as good as my Sennheiser HD 598s which I run off a Sennheiser GSX 1000 DAC/AMP which goes into my Schitt Magni 2 but that is comparing $500 worth of audio kit to the headset. It gets the job done and it is pretty good but not music audiophile good.
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Jul 11, 2017
I mostly race in VR to the point where if a sim doesn't do VR then I don't bother with it. The primary reason seems to be I am quicker, faster and safer in VR than not. I suspect its the depth perception but also the correct scale and immersive effect that ensures the environment feels correct, I can judge speed much better in VR than I can on a screen even if the FOV is set to be 1:1 world scale on the screen.

The other thing I love however is fighting other cars in VR. You can look right at the car you are fighting in the corner to know precisely where it is and judge how you get on the power as you exit corners maximising the space they give you. It can really help win a fight for a position because you don't have to just give margin you know precisely how much to give. Most people likely solve this with car radar and it works but its not very realistic and in VR you can read the dials that the car gives you and turn off most of the HUD. Helps with getting focussed on the task at hand of driving.

You can look to where the wheels are going and into the corners and apex and exits and its got nothing to do with the attitude of your car at that moment, you can easily look where ever you want to for ideal vision. Its main drawback is that VR costs a bunch of extra performance which usually means worse graphics with low perceived resolution and its hard to do all the other computer stuff like discord and such that racing with others often entails.
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Aug 10, 2019
VR! Started with Oculus Rift. Now use Pimax 5K Plus. It is all about immersion and recreating my real life experiences on a race track.