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Community Question | Who Here Uses A Dedicated 'Sim Rig'?

I love looking at all these awesome rigs!

I have a g29 mounted to a GT Omega Apex. I use it with my recliner I have my exercise bike behind the recliner to keep it from moving. I use my PS4 on a 55 inch Sony 4K tv. I race GT Sport, F1 2020, Dirt Rally 2.0 & Project Cars 2 all from the comfort of my lazy boy! I have it all set up in a small spare room above my garage, so I’m planing on a full rig at some point. Best decision I made when we moved in was to get wired Internet run up there.
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Rig 001.jpg

FOV calculated 27 (dashboard should maybe move a little back; How much you (move) see of the dash doesn't affect the FOV, but it does affect immersion)
Cable management to the left to cross over to regular desk and computer

I love the VR immersion and I don't suffer from VR motion sickness at all, but Rift CV1 just lacks the graphic detail I also appreciate. Right now the screen gives more immersion. Hope the G2 (expected December) will help me to prefer VR over widescreen again.
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I would like to try a dedicated sim construct, but space doesn't permit it. I was hesitant to buy a DD wheel because of all of the horror stories about torque/stability when you attach it to a desk. It depends on the desk. Do what I did, put a nice, heavy pc on the desk and end of story. The Podium DD2 works well. The seat was an issue because of wood floors, but removing the wheel, putting cups in their place and then using piano foot holders solved that problem.

Now all I need is the new 4k,32", 144hz monitors due out next year and one of the vaporware video cards from Nvidia or AMD.

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nice setup! How do you keep the load cell pedals in place?
I just re-read this after checking out all the cool methods people here have employed in the search of enjoying this hobby.

How is this a moveable object?!!??!?!?!?!?
It's huuuuge

Hi Alex,

The rig is raised with the SFX100 so i can place a cart underneath.
It's actually very easy, but it did take years of optimizing including a "quick mount" for the 49" monitor and a "slidable" dashboard.

More info here in my topic :)
I have an electric rising desk and a 49" superwide. Normally use an office chair with it. When racing I lower the desk, bring the screen forward and slide a racing seat underneath. Gives me a decent solution for everything in a relatively small setup.
interesting, how do you deal with the pedals on the floor?

Stig Bidstrup

Jarek says " 900 degrees of rotation "
Sadly enough i had to tick the "movable set up box ".:( There is just no space in our home for a permanent rig.

But i could never imagine that my movable setup would be a SFX-100 + GS-5 combo with a 4-way belt tensioner and it would take me only 3 minutes to set it up :D

Do you work at a button factory :O_o::D
I would love to do a F16 full start up with all these buttons ..:coffee:
I'm running my own, cheapskate wood design. The screens are the cheapest AOC makes in 144hz, but they do have both height and tilt adjustment, both nessecary to line them up proper. The wood cost my something like £50 + a new saw for £10. Its my first homemade rig which shows, but if I ever make another one I'll have the experience of this one to go by. The chair is an Ikea Poang bought used for £15 and modded with simple scrapwood I had laying around to make it ridig. On my wishlist is a new wheel and pedals. Not featured is my phone with Simdashboard installed, its mounted on the wheelbase in between the wheel cutout.

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LOL! Love the wheel being cut up top. :D However i often grab the top as i like to drift and play around sometimes.
my little room :)
Rig: SimLab P1-X
Wheelbase: Fanatec DD2 with the Podium Steering wheel Porsche 911 GT3
Pedals: Heuskinkveld Sprint (2 pedals)
Handbrake/SQ shifter still from Thrustmaster
Seat: Sparco Circuit II ,let it wrapped in the mclaren MP4/4 decals
Triple monitor : LG 32" 1440p 144hz screens
Awesome seat! Not a smoker but the nostalgia kicks in. Where did you get it? Did you make it yourself?



I am pretty new to Racedepartment site and forum, but I started playing F1 simulations back at the days of Grand Prix 2 from Microprose ... :) I was using a race seat rig made out of wood but changed this to aluminum self build one at beginning of this year. Steering wheel and pedals and the seat can be adjusted - if pedals are "in" the rig does not consume much more than an office chair :) All parts have been ordered pre-cut at an "you know the bay" shop. Screen / TV and PC are sitting on a small dedicated desk (also on wheels) but will be mounted to the rig next time ...

Regards, D. View attachment 422043
Which casters did you use to bolt directly to the t-slots?


Since the seat is on casters, mine qualifies as Movable, although I have no intention of moving the wheel stand.

Cobbled from scrap 5/4 yellow pine and a folding clamping Work Bench,
this wheel stand is acceptably stable and rigid, with movement visible only between its feet and carpet
and not sensed when driving in VR. In the dark, wearing Odyssey+ HMD, it looks great!
Tactile feedback is courtesy of SRS ShakeSeat, SimHub, motherboard 7.1 audio and a pre-HDMI Denon 7.1 receiver.

Obligatory extra padding for ShakeSeat was cut from a square of 1/2" interlocking EVA foam mat.
The (not very) hardest part of implementing this tactile feedback was identifying a mating connector for the SRS ShakeSeat.

The AccuForce hybrid step motor is bolted thru 5/4 yellow pine; its cables are strain-reliefed by a clamp to side board:

When driving, castered swivel seat is strapped to workbench front legs, which are in turn strapped to a board bolted to G29 pedals,
which are modified with DIY degressive clutch linkage and load cell brake.
Thanks to the magic of triangulation, strapped seating position is quite stable:

Power control by ADCOM ACE-515; cable management courtesy of Mickey Mouse:

My AccuForce is blessed with one of the noisy controller power supply fans, placed as far as possible from the driving position:

G29 pedals are connected via an adapter to the AccuForce controller.
I applaud your ingenuity with the work bench. Sim rig construction makes us view the material world differently than others--always thinking how we can repurpose an item!

Very attractive wood wheel--do you happen to have the size and a source?


Very attractive wood wheel--do you happen to have the size and a source?
Feels nice, as well. 15-inch o.d. is large enough to evoke my 60s sports cars. eBay (US$85).

I had not expected this clamping stand to end up sufficiently stable and rigid.
Clamping its legs between chunks of wood with deck screws usefully stiffens things
and persuaded me to save that $300 towards a VR upgrade, rather than on Next Level Racing's Wheel Stand DD,
which anyway would have required hacking to front-mount the AccuForce stepper motor.