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Community Question | Who Here Uses A Dedicated 'Sim Rig'?

Just received delivery, cool! Now to find the energy to set it up lol
You're forgiven.

That seems quite a long steering shaft extension:

Thinking to minimize bearing stresses in AccuForce's less substantial (stepper) motor,
I did the opposite, instead cantilevering the motor.
Fortunately, after power-on calibration, that stepper is fairly quiet in operation;
sadly and thoroughly drowned out by its controller cooling fan.
Decided to add an extra bearing, also finished another steering wheel :)
Any appreciable difference in feel?
Wheel control arrangement looks decent for use in VR...
As you can image, due to the long axle I was getting a slight disrupting wobble. This was most noticeable when FFB was active, that effect has been greatly reduced with that extra bearing.
So recently going from a Playseat Challenge to a GT Omega Art w/RS9 seat is really not such a big jump IMO. They both have some flex with the TSPC RACER and also CSL Elite LC. Once in the PC seat it is soooo comfortable and fits like a glove. The problem I had with the challenge is getting in it as my bad right shoulder was taking the weight maneuvering myself into it. The RS9 seat is just ok and had to buy a headrest as it’s a different seating position. So I definitely like a lower seating position and will do more research on other rigs of this type. Will try to bring the front of the chair up higher for a slight angle. I can’t believe I prefer the hammock lol

Iko Rein

Just sharing my "semi-dedicated system".

I have a standing desk, on which I can adjust the height from 59 to 123 cm. So when I work on the desk it is quite low or in standing position. For racing I raise it so that the top of the steering base is below the desk.

As chair I have an old Playseat seat, which I used for office chair many years. After I won a super good office chair, the playseat got dedicated for racing only. The problem with the office desk is that it keeps moving. I solved that by "anchoring" the chair with a special balance pillow by placing it behind the chair. Still the pedals were moving around.

Some time ago I got this PEIN Pedal Mount, where you place the front wheels on a tray and it locks the chair + the pedals. That is actually a really good solution to keep the system pretty solid. At start I found out I was subconsciously pulling the pedals back towards me during long straights. That "habit" is now gone.

I am hoping to upgrade my screen to one of these nice wide curved displays I see the others have. I still run my Telemetry tool on the little sidemonitor.




Update on my seat build
Mercedes C class seat £15 - off ebay
Chequer plate ally sheet for floor and edge trims £55 - off ebay
Locking Castors so i can move it £12 - of Amazon
Frame made of scrap wood from other projects so free but covered in carbon fibre wrap £8 - off Amazon
A few screws etc. so under £100
Inverted the standard Logitech pedals.



Put together this year. My limited Sim Racing career. 10 years of Geoff Crammond through the 90s on keyboards, amazing!

00s nothing other than gaming on PlayStation.

10s bought a logitec G25 and played mostly Gran Turismo. Some real life racing track stuff but mainly involving taking cheap hot hatches to open track days and an MX5 I owned for a while. Had a few touches through work over the years like Jonathan Palmer days so some notion and experience of real car control (and what real accidents feel like and cost!)

Note: I would like to find a worthy home for my G25, it is battered but it still works and will likely give many more laps. I am new here so I guess there is a forum for that kind of thing.
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