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Community Question | What Stops You From Racing Online?

Sim racing is arguably at its very best when racing against real people in a tightly fought online battle - yet only a very small percentage of players choose to head into a server and race against their fellow community drivers.

Made up fact time. Around 90% of those who own racing simulations don't venture into an online server on a regular basis (real % figure differs slightly, but not by much). This surprises me, as many different servers exist that cater for a wide variety of skill and experience levels. From public lobby hopping to leagues and club events of various levels of prestige, sim racers can pretty much find a level of quality that suits their individual need - yet still only an incredibly small percentage of the player base choose to race online.

With that said, if you aren't a regular online racer, we'd like to know what it is that keeps you away from joining us on the virtual racetracks?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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Oct 10, 2011
I race online, but only in leagues or from time to time in an online lobby, but very occasionally. Leagues motivate me way more.

I may be blind, but i only noticed single events for Assetto Corsa?


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Jun 17, 2017
Short answer: Mental health

To elaborate, committing to basic daily tasks is something I regularly struggle with, like sleeping and eating, so I can't commit to a regular league like RD as I'd like to. I don't venture into public servers because it's often more bad than good, by quite a margin too. I also struggle a little with hardware requirements for good sim games, not wanting to ruin others race because my CPU is constantly screaming for help and the ol' internet connection problem.

With offline I can race what I want, when I want, for however long I want. The ability to run the GTR2 2000-2009 FIA GT mod and various AMS series and R3Es modern and classic DTM, plus WTCR all in one large career catered just for me by me is perfect. Unfortunately I don't get that online somewhere that I can commit to at the moment.

Unfortunately the problem with enjoying the virtual is the real gets in the way. If I could live just in the sim world then believe me, I would!

With all that said I hope to join RD leagues for ACC, AMS2 or F1 20XX when circumstances allow.

Happy racing everyone, whether it be on or offline!


May 8, 2017
Honestly, I always have that anxiety that I might ruin a race for someone. I'm not that good of a driver, especially when driving in a pack or when I' m not very familiar with the track, I might miss a breaking point and punt someone etc. With AI there is none of that, I feel much more confident and I can have some fun and mostly clean racing without worrying that I might ruin a race for actual person If I have an accident. Also, mentioned above ability to race anything I want, where I want. I often play old games along with newer ones, old stuff like GTR2 (my installation is stupidly big, it was taking 10 minutes to launch the game but I switched to JSGME so it's a bit lighter) or Race 07, not many people play those online nowadays.
May 30, 2015
People leaving the race if something happens. They looking for a quick fix or so, but a spin, a crash, a bodycheck, whatever it is and they will leave.

I need to try leagues but I kinda dislike the fact I need to be online here and there and when I do not feel like racing I also have to be there.


Nov 1, 2015
I think a large majority feel like they are the outsider busting up some ones "click" when entertaining the thought of online races. It can be intimidating for most. If a large percentage would just take that first step into imo, the best way to sim race (online), they will see they actually do have a place among us.


Jun 16, 2020
1. People don't take losses too well especially when they cannot stand someone else is better than them.
2. They are highly toxic when they called out for being in the wrong such as a racing incident
3. Lack of acceptance for newcomers particularly league racing which is understanding but a much needed system for clean and fast racers like a grading system from iRacing is needed.
for some reason the officially licensed games from F1 and NASCAR seem to be the most fun and accepting nonetheless I love sims I'm very new to eSports.
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M D Gourley

Sep 17, 2015
Short attention span, and I am slow :confused::rolleyes::redface::roflmao:...30 mins races for me personally are to long as I usually race Single Player with usually 3 - 5 lap maximum on any Track, then switch car and Track combo and start again :roflmao:...quick fire, maximum throughput and highly entertaining for a short burst of Sim Racing :inlove::thumbsup::thumbsup:...it's just the way I have done it over the years
Although I do frequent Online in Wreckfest for the above reasons....short laps and different Tracks changed quickly.