Do you prefer slow or fast cars when racing?

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Community Question | Slow vs Fast

The question of the day is..... do you prefer the slow or fast end of the spectrum when sim racing?

Sounds like an obvious question doesn't it - SPEED! However, often times the breakneck performance of a high-powered racing machine isn't always the best combination for bringing about some on track racing action - leaving many of us to preference less ultimate performance in exchange for greater close racing opportunities with your rivals.

So my question today is one of slow vs fast, and specifically what end of the spectrum does your preferences fall when racing against either the AI, or online servers?

Over to you!

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Jan 11, 2009
Really like fast cars like gt3, but also enjoy slower cars in some close racing online, but nothing more rewarding nailing a good lap in a fast car


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Oct 10, 2011
Slow. Its just closer racing, most of the time.
I remember a Abarth 500 race here on RD. It was crazy close because they were easy to drive, several lines were possible, they also could take a hit. On my own... nah, not so much fan. But racing is pretty damn awesome.


Apr 4, 2015
There are no slow cars as long as they can put the tires on their limits. Especially if the tires talks fast at the limits.

Some guys are all about km/h, pure sense of speed and laptimes. To me most of the "fast" comes from emotions and concentration demand to keep the car in control at its fastest way of driving consistently. Modern cars especially are very fast, but not as much jazz as some cars for two or six decades ago. In other words, if brain, hands and feet has to work fast, then it means car goes fast.

To me fast modern cars steered with wrists, two pedals, and little flaps to shift gears while being driven fast has hardly perceivable limits, feels nearly slower than older cars driven with full arm motion, all pedals, play with gear shifter and with well perceivable limits from specators point.


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Sep 28, 2009
Where does slow end and fast start?
My own measure is that GT3's are about the "middle ground". Anything slower is "slow", anything faster is "fast".

For me, fast cars are fun to drive, slow(er) cars are fun to race. There's a difference.

You can safely get and stay closer to other cars in "slow" classes, accidents and shunts cost less, and they're more accessible to sim-racers of all levels which allows for more inclusive racing and larger grids. Slower classes tend to be used for multiple shorter sprint races instead of one long race too, which is like a big fat "reset" button for those who do have an incident rather than their whole evening being spoilt.

So yeah... for racing, my choice is slower cars.
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Oct 7, 2016
Practicing and hottlapping in a really fast car makes a lot of fun as you can at least feel a little bit of the speed.

Racing though.. The slower, the better :D

Slow. High downforce does not work on FFB wheels, I think.
What wheel do you have?
With my old g27 I could never feel any downforce. But with my current csw 2.5 the wheel becomes heavier, the higher the aero downforce becomes so you can actually feel the aero and feel the raised amount of grip!


Jun 6, 2009
Any time I try a modern F1, I just get the giggles because it's like using fast forward with a VCR. So unreal compared to cars I've experienced in real life. I can relate so much better to the slow end.