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Community Question | Light or Dark?


WhAt GoEs ArOuNd CoMeS ArOuNd
really like racing at night (and don’t mind some light rain).
it was a pleasure watching Spa 24H during the weekend especially during night time where conditions were tricky.


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Well done night racing is fantastic - ACC is pretty great, iracing wasn't bad until everyone complained about how dark it was & you can almost turn the lights off now. AC CSP will be pretty awesome when the headlights get an overhaul - they're the oldest module I think, & they don't really do a great job of modelling a beam yet - the overall effect is still great.

Then again I'd race in the snow with a puncture, I just like racing.
The only drawback to simracing at night is the hardware requirement goes up. If you're on the edge for daytime simracing, you won't be able to participate in night races.
I had the real-life honor of racing PIR at night in the one & only 24 hour race held there. My first stint was during a rainy afternoon. My second stint came at 2am with the fog becoming increasingly dense and our headlights were crap... went off the track three times because I couldn't tell where the edge of the pavement was. When the car owner got around to washing the car after the race, the radiator was clogged with mud!

How foggy? Well, when the red flag was thrown 10 minutes after my stint <grrr>, the cars parked nose-to-tail on the main straight under the overhead lights used for night drag racing and you couldn't see more than 5 car lengths.
Night!! :inlove:
For some reason, I find myself a lot more comfortable competing in iRacing at night situations
during my driving turn in the endurance races, like 24h LeMans, 24h SPA, 12h Sebring, 12h Silverstone, Daytona, etc..

I always tell my team that my preference is night driving, if possible..
Btw, I only compete in endurance events in iRacing, I don't like sprint races at all.
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I feel pretty much the same way about night racing as I do about rain. I like the idea of it more than the actual racing in said circumstances. And at the same time My oldish gaming laptop didn't really have the grunt to run night graphics well enough in anything but GTR2. But now with my new system I've started fiddling around in the dark more often, and yes I quite enjoy it. It is a (for me at least) very different and fun experience.
Funny, what a coincidence.
Just drove last couple of days a GTR2 GTE-mod at a fine Road Atlanta version with lights as night endurance runs.
...and then I jumped RD and noticed this thread.
I like it all, i.e.
  • day
  • night
  • twilight
  • morning sun
  • every thing.
And I like it by far more than just plain open sky, spiced up with weather changes, making quick pit decisions an extra challenge.
In fact I like setting up endurance races with both day/night time and changing weather.
And now for the latest time with time scaled races. Something I've as a 'purist' otherwise before always has rejected.
And know what? Still by far the most easy to set up in GTR2, simgames speaking.

That's just one of the reasons why GTR2 never grows old on me.

However for close online competition formats in short 15-60min races, steady open clear sky is fine with me.
But even now this spring re-entering online racing, it's still just on occations, offline racing is still in my heart.
That said, if online competition format with changing day/night - night/day was more widespread, I think I'd maybe join more online racing. Depending of my time for simracing.
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Wilko Jones

Night time is awesome when handled right. It adds to the over all emersion of the sim. Why not have it?

I'm really enjoying how RF2 portrays night. It reminds me of when I use to work over the summer nights. I can almost feel the cooler temperatures and the light breezes when I am running that sim.
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Kurupt CDN

DirtT Tuned Motorsports
I haven't done too many night road races but have really enjoyed the sunset to night transition on oval tracks in iracing.
Racing at night in cockpit view is the best thing. Only problem is i really do suck cause i can't see anything, but despite that i really prefer racing in night