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Community Question | FFB or No FFB?

Short answer: Do what feels good.

Longer answer: The better, stronger and more real the FFB is for me, the more consistent I am. Don't get me wrong, I still suck hard. But since stepping into a higher-end setup, I'm a little less terrible and feel more merged with the car.*

* This is not intended as "better gear makes you quicker," because there are plenty of folks driving with the cheapest equipment out there passing chumps like me.


No FFB > Flawed FFB
Great FFB > No FFB

FFB should communicate car behavior in all its facets and should not be used to dictate car control. Which is a finer line than most people think, because it is easy to dictate car behavior by wrong FFB implementations.


Is this poll framed properly? Per results, incredibly few use no ffb at all, as I would expect.

If you had asked if people used "as much ffb as possible" vs "as little as possible" you might have more interesting results.

I hear people arguing that low ffb helps but I don't think I've ever heard anyone arguing that no ffb is desirable.


Also, aliens using low ffb are not going for a simulation experience, they are 'gaming' the system, like you would exploit any arcade game.

Any results from aliens using low ffb are discounted automatically, speaking for myself, as they're not attempting as much of a simulation experience.

The experience is less realistic therefor the result is less real.
Fun fact: While simracers strive for stronger FFB from direct drive wheels to immerse themselves more, real life motorsport has introduced power steering in almost most classes these days, to reduce driver fatigue, and enhance precision:D

More fun fact, if aiming for simulation the ffb strength needs to replicate the resistance of the wheel AND the G Force load on your arms. In real life power steering isn’t going to help you move your arm in a 5G corner.


Ok. In short words, what you say is it's only games so let's throw realism out of the window and only focus on how to go faster. In that respect removing FFB may help. Not my cup of tea as I like driving more than just racing, but sure, legit.

Of course, YOU go tell the devs that RF2=Mario Kart. Good luck with that. :D
Don't try to make my words into something else. And I never said rf2=mario kart. Saying they are both video games does not mean they are the same for crying out aloud... I'd guess ffb is like reading comprehension. Some people use it, some people don't...
If I didn't want FFB, I could still be using my old Act-Labs wheel......but I bought for FFB back in the the day, so I probably wouldn't use it now anyway..........no FFB? Whats the point?

Cote Dazur

SIM Addict
One take away from reading this thread is that a majority are primarily in love with FFB, SIM driving is just a justification to their FFB addiction.
The worse offenders even say it feels like the real thing, they are so blindly in love with FFB that they have lost all grip on reality. Sad.
FFB (in its actual implementation) is merely a necessary evil to help us cope with many facet of real driving missing from our set up. The less intrusive, usually the better. Tactile is a nice ally to non intrusive FFB if the goal is a more convincing immersion from my experience.
I see no reason not to use FFB and I have not read any argument in this thread against using FFB.
Giving too much importance to FFB as a main source of simulation is a mistake.
It is just a tool, when use with balance, in conjonction with realistic graphics, sounds, content and tactile to make it easier for us to believe we escape reality and are actually racing cars. Too much emphasis on FFB alone is a dead end.


IR2 on Windows 10 with a wheel? *Cough* - Flight Stick for me - *Cough*.
"I'm Paul Page. From Papyrus, this is indyCar Racing Toooooo"

I started ICR2 with a joystick on a 486/DX2-66

Here is how I run it now;



The other day I was complaining that the fact that some old sims like GTR 2 and Automobilista are getting VR Support thanks to crew chief didn't make the news in a SIM RACING WEBSITE, and that we got instead some F1 news.

This is way worse... I mean, are you taking the piss? We don't get relevant sim racing news because one of the admins here doesn't like Crewchief's developer or something and instead we get this sort of content? Well, last time I paid premium for this website for sure. Ridiculous and insulting in equal measure.

Sure you are a private website and you do you, but don't dress yourselves as the kind of meca for sim racing news when you don't actually report important sim racing news.
You're right, but I guess with many of these official "discussion threads" the goal is just that, create a thread that people let the verbal fists fly in and come back to again and again, instead of posting something that is "read once, done", if you catch my drift ;) clicks are more important than news
It’s a weird collection of stuff that makes the homepage here. SRO Asia eSport series ran recently with 5 rounds, live streaming on the SRO official YouTube channel with none other the Paul Jeffery as one of the commentators and that didn’t get a mention here but we have these weird questions, go figure...

Dirk Steffen

Porsche Factory Jackass™
Congratulation, you did it :)


Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 16.34.29 .jpg

Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 16.34.47 .jpg
FFB can actually be an obstacle, instead of a helpful tool, if you are not in the "learning phase" anymore, but in the "guitar-hero phase", with predefined steering angles etc.

FFB is there to immerse you. Maybe it even helps you to catch the car. But it's definetly not making you fast. (If hotlapping is the desired mode):D
I think this is personal, i go faster with the settings i use than without, also i'm less than 5 tenths slower than eSports drivers and my main weak point are the t300' stock pedals, they're also starting to give me problems such full pedal pressed while i just barely touch it (only the first time, it's like it calibrate both pedals everytime i start the game), sometimes (luckly not too often) they disconnect, they're not precise at all compared to a decent hardware.
Said that i THINK i could challenge eSports drivers with FFB on, also i'm 100% sure ('cause i tested for many days) that i'm slower with no FFB, the main problem is that you don't feel oversteer, brake lock and weight transfer with no FFB. Anyway, as i said i think this is a personal thing,