Commentators wanted!

Hey people,

we'd be in the need for a few commentators for both the World Trophy and the World Series races.
You probably asked yourselves why it is always this crappy german voice commentating these races (me), well, that is because usually we have no one else. :tongue:

If you feel like giving it a go (and yeah, I'll help :) ) then please reply in this thread or contact me directly, or...just join our new teamspeak at the time of the broadcast. Else it's going to be just me again. :wink:
You don't need to be perfect at all...but if you have fun giving some input, you're welcome!


Dan Rasmusson

I don't mind helping, I have watched all the races so far this year (WS,WT and WC). I've sometimes been bothered by the fact that the commentators don't keep track of pit stops and who started in the pits etc.

Assisting the commentating team would be great for me because I think I could be an asset and I wouldn't mind just doing World Trophy races as it seems to need commentators the most.

Dan Rasmusson.
Yes thanks a lot Dan, we'll get back to you at some point during this week. Great news.
Thanks also to John Debacquer for helping out in the WC commentary!
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