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Sounds Combining two sound-files for X-Bow GT4

Hello guys,
i'm pretty much a novice at modding (especially in AC), so I could use some help or advice in modifying a sound-bank-file. I downloaded a KTM X-Bow GT4, because I kinda fell in love with it in real-life after seeing it participating the 24h race at the Nurburgring. But the sound is just the standard sound from the original X-Bow R featured in the game, which has almost no similarities to the sound of the real GT4. So my plan is, to forge two sound-files together, the one from the Stage 1 E30 M3 (4-cylinder sound with massive back-fire) and the sweet buzzing gearbox of the Z4 GT3 or something like that.
What programs do I need, to edit/modify those .bank-files in the sfx-folder and how do I do it?
I would appreciate any help :)