Combined F1/GT Rig + Custom CSL Elite Brake Load Cell

Built an aluminum profile rig and thought I'd share some of my ideas here.

Podium DD1. Two standard slotted profile brackets on top and bottom of a 40 mm profile work out at just the right distance to accomodate a Podium wheel's side mounts. The angle can still be adjusted by rotating the entire wheel platform. It provides much more leg space under the wheel compared to a bottom-mounted solution.

Custom load cell mod for CSL Elite pedals, I designed the plates and had them laser cut. Fanatec's kit adds a clutch which I didn't really want so I thought this was a good way to save some money. Still using the original foam "spring" that came with the brake but the pedal is literally 10 times as stiff since the foam now acts right behind the foot pad instead of at the bottom.

Load cell is rated 100 kg. Using a Bodnar USB board (not shown) for output to PC.

Custom, laser-cut seat brackets allows either F1 or GT style position to be adopted. Shown here somewhere in between (modeled after LMP1, in fact). The cross-rail supporting the front brackets are simply raised/lowered into the 3 different slots in the side members to achieve the seat rake.

Mounted on top is a second-hand, genuine (JDM) Bride Vios III - the sticker is still intact. Would highly recommend second-hand premium brand bucket seats over cheap new ones. Just much more comfortable for about the same price.

Hope this post has inspired/helped anyone looking to build a similar rig.