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Cold Laps (R5) @ 12 March 2009

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Andrew Evans


Start: 20:00 GMT
Format: 4 episodes

Notes: Click here to read the password and golden rules!


Event is limited to 13 slots only.

Participants gather on RD Teamspeak in time for the start of the event.

Tracks are taken from stock circuits bundled with GTRe & STCC, as well as a number of add-on tracks linked at the end of the post. You will need both of these expansions and all of the tracks to participate.

Cars are stock only (Vectra excluded).

Track, car and weather combo will be randomly generated just before the episode begins.

A 5 minute practice session is given to allow participants to get onto the server - absolutely no running allowed.

Then follows a closed, timetrial qualification with one lap only, no more.

Running order will randomly selected with participants running one at a time. Everyone else will be watching you on race monitor and ripping you a new one. :D

If you crash out, you must finish your lap, if possible.

Teamspeak participation is mandatory - event is entirely run through this medium. One or two "listeners only" is fine but I'd rather everyone be able to speak.

Forced cockpit view.

Only default dry/wet simbin setups to be used (if available) - you can adjust steering lock and fuel.

Points, per episode, allocated as follows:

 1st  20
 2nd  17
 3rd  15
 4th  13
 5th  11
 6th   8
 7th   5
 8th   4
 9th   3
10th   1


 1st - James Yates       271
 2nd - Marc Good         162
 3rd - Oliver Amos       149
 4th - Matt Crouch       144
 5th - Lewis Fergusson   130
 6rd - Michael Herrmann  111
 7th - Nigel Atkins      109
 8th - Neil Tennant       81
 9th - Andrew Evans       80
10th - Ben Tusting        77
11th - Adam Vaughan       53
12th - Stuart Thomson     48
13th - Bob Miley          30
14th - Matthew Parr       27
15th - David Buxton       24
16th - Grant Powell       23
17th - John Bergqvist      9
Cold Laps Required Tracks (you must have these):

le mas du clos
limerock mountain
ledenon [1.1 patch]
cadwell park
mosport 77
donington national
fuji 70

Andrew Evans

  1. Andrew Evans
  2. Bob Miley
  3. Dave Stephenson
  4. Neil Tennant
  5. Nigel Atkins
  6. Matt Crouch
  7. James Yates
  8. Oliver Amos
  9. Ben Tusting
  10. David Buxton
  11. Grant Powell
  12. Matthew Parr
  13. Lewis Fergusson

Andrew Evans

as discussed last week, i've shaken up the track rotation a little... the following tracks were removed for being longer than 2 mins (in a mini) or not likely to provide entertainment:

puebla oval
curitiba oval
valencia long
crowne plaza raceway

7 add-on tracks have been added to the list... links in the top post (make sure you get the ledenon patch as well)... you HAVE TO HAVE these to participate... but yerv got a week to get them all.... these include:

le mas du clos
limerock mountain
cadwell park
mosport 77
donington national
fuji 70

Matt Crouch

hmm this is the same night as the GTL abarths, but I don't really want to miss out on the cold lap points, so I'll have to sign up for this...

Matt Crouch

you just signed up to the abarths :p

or is it abarfff
ok it has magically changed :magic: :wand: :wizard: :grr: :where: :are: :these: :smilies:

Matthew Parr

May 22, 2008
Im in mr Evanso :) We need a few to give a Proper job once every few weeks! So lets minge it up once more!
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