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Codies F1 -v- Project Cars

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by M Theory, May 20, 2015.

  1. M Theory

    M Theory

    Personally I think it's time to recognise how good Codemasters have been with their F1 games. I have been playing Project Cars on XBox One since it came out and ok it is recognised there are problems with the XBox One controller on that game and it is going to be patched. Other than that, and whilst trying to be fair to Project Cars, here are some areas where Codemasters are clearly superior:

    UI - The UI on Project Cars is clumsy, to say the least, particularly setups and pit strategy. Here's an analogy of Project Cars UI. Imagine you are in a kitchen and need to go to the bathroom. Sane design enables you to access the bathroom without leaving the house. In Project Cars, you must leave the house, go somewhere else (to adjust setup from Time Trial for example), then come back and start again. Pit Strategy in Project Cars suffers from dementia; even if you want to navigate its over-complex options, it forgets, so why bother. Codemasters UI wins hands down.

    Pit Stops - Insane on project cars. Also, the pit lane looks deserted. Instead of a team, expect a solitary guy with a lolipop stick, who single-handedly changes your tyres, repairs damage and gives you fuel you do not want and do not have the ability to say no to (actually the guy with the lollipop stick does nothing but tremor until he lets you go - eventually) . Expect a mimium 8s stop. Codies is far superior.

    Lap Delta - apart from your last or fastest lap time, zilch on Project Cars, though from the garage you can "monitor" your opponents live. Although sparse in terms of data, Codies is again far superior, you can call up the delta for every lap from every car.

    Leader Boards. No filter to find your friends on Project Cars. Again, Codies gets the simple things done.

    Time Trial - no Wet option on Project Cars.

    AI - AI on Project Cars is more insanely suicidal than a dozen drunk noobs. Again, Codies is far superior.

    Hype - Project Cars wins hands down compared to Codies restrained, understated cool. You don't need a game that actually works in most of its important departments if you can hype it into orbit.

    Is it a Sim? Hard to tell for me on Project Cars because of the Xbox One (on Xbox One) controller issue. But I think a sim should portray sanity, logic and professionalism, all of which appear absent so far in Project Cars. On those counts, Codies wins with its F1 series - so far.
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  2. RakeWorm


    I do not have much to say regarding one being 'better' or 'more sim' than the other. That being said, I do know I enjoy the F1 experience more. The career feels like a career, etc. Since those kind of details matter to me, it is a more enjoyable experience overall for me. That being said, there are times when I want to drive other cars and do other things -- for that, I head to Project Cars.
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  3. M Theory

    M Theory

    "Driving" other cars and variety of circuits is an important offer. I particularly enjoyed F1 2013's inclusion of classic cars and circuits. Project Cars' offer in this respect, particularly circuits, is very good; better I would say than Forza (where "drift" is the operative word). I particularly like Sakitto, which is obviously based on Susuka, but with much of the "slow downs" removed. Its version of 130R omits a Casio Triangle, so it's flat out all the way from the 130R turn and into the pit straight. Unfortunately proper enjoyment of this in say the Lotus 98T is not really possible due to the immense problems, currently, with the controller inputs in Project Cars. If they can get that corrected with the anticipated patch, it will be a significant and different offer to the F1 series - which does not take away from my main point: acknowledging how good Codemasters have been with the delivery of their offer.

    Remember how we all used to moan about the dynamic weather in F1 2012? Peanuts compared to the problems with Project Cars. Don't bother pitting in for wets mid race because the AI won't, rain has no impact on them.
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