Codemasters - Patches Info (All Platforms) Sept 1st

Graham Laing

Retired Staff
Oct 8, 2010
Latest news posted by Codemasters below :-

Current state of the F1 2015 patches.

Last week we released a new patch for the PC version fixing some issues with AI and unlocking the advanced wheel settings to all controllers. We are also still developing voice command support to be delivered in a later update. PC patches will be ongoing, particularly concerning issues with AI
The next Xbox One patch will see all of the console related fixes from the PC patches so far. We will be finalising the patch over the next couple of days, and then putting it into submission with Microsoft. Apologies we cannot give you are more accurate release date currently, but it is just not possible.

The next PS4 patch will also contain all the console related fixes from the most recent PC patch. We will finalise this patch after the Xbox One patch has gone into submission. When we know more we will give you an estimated release date.

A full list of patch notes will be posted when they go live, thank you for your patience.