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Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Andy_J, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. Andy_J

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    It seems I, like many others have been banned from the Codemasters Forum for complaining about the lack of customer support and the fact that the patch caused more issues than it fixed. It seems that their new policy is to permanently ban customers from the forums in order to prevent negative publicity. I for one will never purchase another Codemasters product ever again. I was banned for asking if their was going to be another patch to fix the ongoing problems.

    Disgraceful behaviour by a company who seem to forget that the paying customer has a right to complain when things don't work properly. :mad:
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  2. rakke17


    I've been watching this thing unfold all day and I'm just shocked. Why Codemasters feels they have a right to ban customers that are raising legitimate complaints and simply asking for answers is beyond me. The good parts of both F1 2010 & 2011 are great, but the bad is horrible. Without mods both games would be unplayable for me. I'm torn because I am a huge F1 fan - but I'm not sure I can continue support a game developer that treats its PAYING customers like this.

    I really hope C.A.R.S. and rFactor2 can obsolete my dependence on Codemasters for anything.
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  3. Chris

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    Thats disgraceful!
    You should send Steve Hood a tweet or something about this, coz thats ridiculous.
  4. Apex1972


    cool story bro.
  5. bmbpdk


    Thats is really disgracefull actions from a game developer!
    I was pleased to see that it was not codemaster that made WRC 2, because if so, they would almost have monopoly on racing games, and that would be a disaster for us racing-gamers...

    Developer monopoly on games is destroying them, imaging if the same company made Battlefield and COD, oh dear....
  6. glight


    guess that means we won't be seeing patch #3 then...
  7. Paul Lock

    Paul Lock

    Sounds pretty harsh, but believable at the same time as I know they are pretty quick to ban over on the CM forums.

    Didnt most of the orginal Infinity Ward COD developers end up working for EA on BF3?
    Still I know what you mean - someone needs to stop CM from infesting the racing game genre with their 'one size fits all' Ego engine and awful post game support.

    I know for a fact that I wont be buying the next installment of Dirt, nor will I be wetting my pants over F1 2012.
    There is only so many times you can believe the hype from CM and their style over substance mentality.
    Give them their dues, there is a lot of good in their games, but when they forget about fixing the bad stuff (or release half-assed patches) and drop their 2010/2011 communities like a hot potato and move on to their next money making scheme, thats when I think its time to vote with your feet and teach them it wont happen again for 2012 because we wont be part of it.
  8. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
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    I don't understand what you mean with monopoly here. Have a look outside this F1 2011 forum here at RD and youll see that there are tons of developers making fantastic racing games. Only problem is that they dont have a huge marketing budget like CM has so nobody knows of their existence.
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  9. Ash Kendall

    Ash Kendall

    No, it was made by DICE. They've been making games better than CoD for years.

    Half the Infinity Ward team are now at Respawn (who haven't announced a title yet) and the other half are still at Infinity Ward (with new project leads, and just released MW3).