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Codemasters announces F1 2015. Release date June 2015.

Nov 29, 2014
F1 2015 The Game - Codemasters Racing.jpg

British development team Codemasters have announced F1 2015 The Game, it's their first next-gen Formula One racing game for Windows PC, XboxOne and the Playstation 4.

F1 2015 will be based on a "brand new version of the proprietary EGO engine" and promises a "significant step forward in the physics-based handling model of the game", including a completely new tyre physics model.

We can only hope that thi means that the title will have a stronger emphasis on simulation, as this is supported by the new Pro Season mode, which will challenge the players to race a full season on the most realistic settings.

Here's what game director Paul Jeal had to say about the new physics model: "The handling is a vast improvement from our previous games. In particular our new tyre model is a superb step forward towards realism, letting you explore where the limit is and allowing you to instantly feel much more connected with the car. You can now experience the changes in grip caused by temperature changes, wear, car set-up, debris and weather conditions".

F1 2015 will also feature a full championship season mode, an online practice mode and will include the 2014 season as a bonus.

It seems like Codemasters is still busy modeling the new cars, and that the game will be updated as the real life F1 season goes on.

F1 2015 will be available on June 12 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Do you think Codemasters can find a renewed strength on their next-gen titles? Sound off in the comments!

F1 2015 The Game - Codemasters Racing 2.jpg F1 2015 The Game - Codemasters Racing.jpg

James Early

Oct 21, 2014
I've always wanted an online career mode. Where you and a bunch of friends start your F1 careers, it works exactly the same as career mode does at the moment but with other people racing as well.

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Staff member
Dec 26, 2006
I am thrilled to read Codemasters have finally implemented dedicated server support for PC players after five years of ...... Oh wait...

Come on Codemasters make us happy by adding this information soon!


May 10, 2013
Still WIP but it almost looks the same has f1 2014... I guess at least in the physics department they improved it much more. What about in game steering degree ? still locked at 90°...?
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May 14, 2013
Will it have a German GP? Or super-realistic AI with the Mercedes team 10% faster than the rest of the field and Maldonado wrecking in the 1st lap of every race? :roflmao:

Lesley Buurlage

CEO Northern Lions Esports simracing department
May 7, 2013
i just hope they make it modders-friendly and ditch mirrored car skins


If you get a Quali Place, you can get a Race Pace
Oct 23, 2012
Will it have a German GP? Or super-realistic AI with the Mercedes team 10% faster than the rest of the field and Maldonado wrecking in the 1st lap of every race? :roflmao:
It includes the 2014 season, so I think it will have that track in, not confirmed though ;)


Nov 9, 2012
Not being sucked in to the hype any more. Maybe the reviews will tell if this one is worth the buy.. So this guy will just wait and see how it all works out without the frustration and waste of money
I enjoyed 2013 but Codies needs to get the basics like mirrors in the game. But it might be to late if what I have seen of Project Cars is for real.. I do wish them well all the same.

Martin Larsen

Dec 6, 2012
I like the news so far, but still waiting for the most important info(for me atleast).... Like AI(1lap, overtaking, defending, mistakes, everything with AI) safety car, handling and deffintly career mode. The last 2 games(atleast, dont remember 100% when they stopped with ''live the life'' thingy) career mode has ben so boring and bad... Its not career mode, its just a normal season/championship mode, but instead of have to start a new one after the season the game do it by it self, thets the only differance in career and championship mode...

And since it will have 2014 season in the game to, maybe have a option that 1st season in career mode is with 2014 and the 2nd season change to 2015....

Edit: Or.... when I read it one more time, did they really say no career mode this year?... Maybe it will be project cars on me instead of F1 then...
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May 3, 2014
I just hope the FFB is actually useable, 2014's handling felt a little like ridge racer.


Oct 30, 2011
Im going to be as impartial as possible here, but I was really surprised by all the flack F1 2014 got. It was pretty obvious from the get go that F1 2014 was going to be a filler title and not an evolution from '13. I personally did not purchase '14 for such reason and mostly everybody here in the community must've known that. Now saying that, Codemasters has really fallen behind on how the game is developed, '11 was the best title and '12 was highly enjoyable ('13 was ok even though the classic cars was great!) but every year there is a feeling of emptiness when playing the game, it just feels too similar.
F1 2015 is basically make or break for Codemasters, and I for one I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that they can make a groundbreaking game that we have all been waiting for. The early release, updatable content, and new features make it really promising but lets hope it lives up to the hype.
As for one feature highlighted in the announcement, the talking to the engineer part, I for one know what I'm going to saying.To quote the great Kimi-Matias (Iceman) Räikkönen:

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Martin Larsen

Dec 6, 2012
Maybe it will be project cars for me this year...It really looks like no career mode in this year F1 game... It was not in the announcment, codemasters dont anwer on career quastions. Apart from one answer from justbiglee(community manager) on the codemasters forum:

quastion: Reading the tweets. It sounds like u can't create ur own driver in career mode ?? Am I getting the wrong impression. Or is this for a later announcement

justbiglee's answer: In F1 2015 you pick which driver / team you want to race for and compete as them.

http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/comment/74578/#Comment_74578 link to that.

So if there really is no career mode then there is no point for me to buy this game...That even saves me alot for hours of moding so yeah, gues in one way its good news...
Jul 30, 2013
If anyone's wondering why there are 2014 screenshots: F1 2015 will or might feature the 2014 season as a bonus content...
(correct me if I am wrong)

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