Cockpit view = starting all over


Oh my. When I starting SIM racing, I had not heard of FOV, much less knew what it would do. I started out using all default settings, for tracks and cars - other than changing some of the assists.
The default FOV is so wide, that in cockpit view the left pillar blocks my view of any left turn, so it was close to useless, so I switched to bonnet view, and have been having loads of fun. Still slow, but getting faster and beginning to learn about car setups.

Use AC, ACC, and PC2.

Started reading about FOV, used some online calculators, and with FOV narrowed down to what is recommended, I can use cockpit view. Just started trying it out yesterday, but the corners look so much different it is like learning a new track. Kind of cool, but having to learn all over again how to see the line in a turn, so also very frustrating, and I am losing a few seconds from my times before.

Augh! Going to practice more today with cockpit view.

On another subject, I was surprised at the amount of body roll and nose dive in cockpit view. Feel like I am driving the Miata I once owned :)