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GRID 2 Cockpit Cam Mod [Deleted]

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  • 1 grid2.jpg
    1 grid2.jpg
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  • 2 grid2.jpg
    2 grid2.jpg
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  • 3 grid2.jpg
    3 grid2.jpg
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  • 4 grid2.jpg
    4 grid2.jpg
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  • 5 grid2.jpg
    5 grid2.jpg
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  • 6 grid2.jpg
    6 grid2.jpg
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Here are some screens, but they wont tell you much, you really should just try it ;)
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Can someone please remove this whole thread ? And tell me how to post an update so I wont make the same mistakes in the future ?
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Not yet, I still have to edit the rest of the normal cars. DLC maybe later, need to save some cash.

I think I finally figured out how to post an update but still don't know how to delete a post.
Waite a minute for the update.
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