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  1. Magnificent


    Hey guys me and my friend our having trouble with our co-op championships. We've seen how helpful the guys at the Codemasters forum are /sarcasm so we thought we'd ask here.

    So basically me and my friend start our championship and participate in the practise session (we're doing short race weekend), however once we finish practise and move onto quali in Melbourne the problem begins. He has a faster PC so he loads first and sits in the garage waiting for me to join the game and then I just loose connection.

    We don't know if this is a bug but we've started about 10 co-op championships and the problem isn't going away, no matter which one of us is hosting it.

    I don't know if its poor internet connection for me or it is an actual bug but we both really want to do co-op and it just isn't working out.

    Help of any kind will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Brian C Jensen

    Brian C Jensen

    i had the same problem i lost connection with my friend every time we tried coop. i had too long loading time. after i change from vista to windows 7 and got dx 11 and v sync on i have no problem more. my loading time before with vista was about 1.40 min. now its about 35 sek.