CM & CSM changes to ff_post_process?

Is the auto installer for Content Manager overwriting a part of the ff_post-process.ini file in the Documents/AC/cfg/ff_pp file?
I started the sim this morning and my wheel went 'nuts', (buzzing and shaking) with the car just sitting in the pits.
It was not really 'drive-able'...since it continued rocking violently back and forth on track s...even going straight.
I exited went and did the LUT configuration and that restored it.
I then went into CM a bit later and loaded the recommended CSP (140...I believe) and again the wheel went nuts.
I again exited and on checking the PP file, it had the entire LUT setting missing.


Southern Ontario
In CM you enable a lut like this:

in general principle gamma should never be anything except 100%, and if you use a lut with a notch at the beginning (like the one in the screenshot) you need to set min. force to 0%.