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Clutch Mapping

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by hobnob, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. hobnob


    For a while I've been struggling to make smooth starts in GTR Evo (using manual clutch) and, having recently used the GTL Mod in GTR EVo, I've worked out why - the biting point of the clutch on the default GTR Evo cars is very near the end of the clutch axis (compare the biting point on the austin healy 3000 with the caterham for example). I've tried playing around with the sensitivities of the pedals to no avail. Is there any way of actually modifying the clutch setup on the different cars, in order to get the biting point closer to the middle of the axis?
  2. Christian Lyngbye

    Christian Lyngbye

    There is this tool called DXTweak that can calibrate your input.
    http://www.wingmanteam.com/latest_software/gadgets.htm#DX Tweak 2
    I haven't used it much at all, but perhaps it can help you.
    This will of course change the sensitivity of the clutch for all cars but it may serve its purpose.
    If you begin altering the car files I don't think it will go along well with the mulitiplayer.
  3. Tobias Kluge

    Tobias Kluge

    Clutch-Problem solved with this tool. Biting point is linear on the first half of the clutch pedal axis. Making starts much easier with the powerful GT-Pro Cars (wheelspin) and/or with a long 1st gear on smaller engines (WTCC E90 on Nords).
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