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Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Kennett Ylitalo, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Kennett Ylitalo

    Kennett Ylitalo

    So, anyone have any idea how to get a clutch when there is a poor soul without a clutch pedal? It is not that often used, except when you lose control and want to disengage your drivetrain. Just noticed that for ex just with GT2 car, getting off the grass can be a pain; not enough revs to make it really move and if you spin wheel even a bit, they continue spinning (just took 4 spins to get out of Ascari, twice with front wheel on the tarmac, touch of throttle and it does 180 since you can't raise revs slightly and operate clutch to get the thing moving first.)..

    With clutch button one can at least "put put" out from pretty much anywhere but even more i want to have ability to disengage drive whenever i want. just the ability to select a smaller gear and then get back on power without having to flick from 6th to 2nd while you are already desperate for grip and balance (i've used that often on GT series anyway, jump to smaller gear without engine braking, decrease jolts and can give excellent revs for exits, rarely the right way but i want that option.... specially when someone spins in front of you: put clutch in, get faster swerve without rear snapping, return to power.)

    Another thing that i miss, having a change to engage neutral. It is less important since even F1 can't stall (lol) but it took a bit of effort to unlearn something i've had since the beginning: neutral at the fingertips, on the sequential shift lever mounted on the wrong side (spin = i hit that stick without thinking, few years in PrestoGP taught me habits... heh..)..

    It is a bit odd that this game lacks so many basic features that are just "duh" with every other title, like ability to fully map any function to any button or axis.. Now the clutch is available only as axis control type and i really don't want to use hotkey or some joytokey application.. Any chance of manually editing the buttons there? Makes hell of a nervous drive when you have locked your backwheels to your engine with no "safety switches" between, there is no way i would drive any vehicle that hasn't got "disengage driving wheels from the engine" function.
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  2. Derrell Biffle

    Derrell Biffle

    You could a try the auto clutch assist.
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