Clutch bite point?

Kjell Eilertsen

Jun 7, 2012
Hello fellow simracers, I've got a question to you all regarding the use of a clutch in our beloved sims;
To me, it feels like the bite point on my clutch is close to the end of the pedal travel, while IRL I feel like it usually bites close to the beginning, like this;
pedal game.png

So, in game you get a clutch that progressively engages and you'll feel the gearbox disengage from the engine (bitepoint) somewhere close to full pedal travel.
pedal irl.png

On real cars I find that you have a little travel, then the clutch starts engaging (or disengaging depending on how you look upon it), then when you've fully disconnected the tranny from the engine theres still a fair bit of travel doing basically nothing.

I really would like to have my clutch engage shortly after starting to apply pressure, like in my IRL drawing above (how bout them drawing skills? not planning on quitting my day time job for a career in drawing anytime soon xD).
I've seen Clutch sensitivity setting in some games but can't say that it accomplishes what I want.
Now, am I wrong in my assumptions above? And how do I go about getting a clutch that bites much sooner?


Apr 16, 2014
depends on a car .. every one I drive has bite point somewhere somewhere else .. one in the middle od a travel, second one more towards the start point .. but non should have it at the end like ingame .. to achieve it ingame (some have maximum and minimum range for pedals), try not to press clutch pedal fully when setting it up (that way game should see it as fully engaged eventhough you it is not fully pressed .. don`t know it it will wotk in every game though)