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Clutch as a button

Hello! I saw a discussion here that got me interested. (https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/clutch-button-in-ac.180613/)

So I thought it would be a good idea for drifting since my DFGT can't have both clutch and brakes at the same time. I installed vJoy with UCR and all the pedals work fine, even the clutch "axis". The thing is, it messed up my degrees of rotation. Now I am stuck at 90 degrees even though the steering wheel driver tells me I am running in 900 degrees. Why is that?


Well nevermind, sometimes I am a extremely dumb human being. The 1.66+ custom shaders patch adds support for this stuff.


Be careful though, the last couple of days I’ve had massive issues with revs flickering wildly, particularly on cars like the RSS Formula Hybrid 2021, and ultimately it came down to me mapping the clutch in the patch menu to a key (work laptop, keyboard driving lol) - once I cleared the assignment it was fine.

just in case anyone else has that issue.