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Good morning everyone,

I've been playing with a Honda Civic 2000 cluster for a while. I just wan't to have the RPM and Speedo to work. It was working fine like a year ago on my breadboard (and Assetto Corsa). I did not take any notes (I know, best idea I ever had), now I weld everything on a protoboard, hook it up to 2 different nano and 1 mega2560, and I never get more thant 0.5-0.6V at the tachometer output... I tried with Assetto or pCARS, same problem. The speedo output is working fine, even on a WRX 2008 cluster. I do change "pin", no success.

What's happening ? I use a 12.5V/1A power supply from a old modem (and funny thing I got more than 12.5V...)

Please help me !