Clubsports stopped working in game

I've added a DS button controller to my already busy set-up. Coincidentally my clubsports decided to suck (moreso).
When in the game controllers menu it order:
1 - G25
2. DS button controller
3. Clubsports
4. SLI-M

Since the clubsports are only in 3rd in the order, rFactor should recognize them no problem (like anything else that was ever 3rd in order). I'm getting everything else fine both in game and in windows. Clubsports work in windows, but not in game. SLI-M is set up through joy2key since it's #4. Make sense?? Now help me fix it... ;)
Do the pedals work if you disconnect the DS button box? The reason I ask is because there have been some issues with DS products not allowing other items to work properly in sims at times.
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The pedals DO work without the DS button controller. This does pose a very large problem since EVERYTHING is plugged into it.
Any work around? Just don't say program it all through joy2key...
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First and foremost, I have no clue about this, but I just encountered something which reminded me of your topic. Hopefully it can be of help to you.

antoinel12 said:
I has the problem that my DSD button box was seen as 2 controller this summer. Buttonbox was taking joystick 1 and 2 in rFactor 1 and my pedal was joystick 3 so no room for my wheel in rF1 as it only support 3 controller.

Here is my solution :

1. In Start Menu's search bar type dxdiag then press Enter key
2. Switch to Input tab
3. Locate your buttonbox controller, in my case DSD-32 Button Controller - ES
4. Take in note Vendor ID and Product ID for further reference

5. Open Start Menu, right click on Computer and then click on Manage
6. Select Device Manager in the right column
7. Open Human Interface Devices section

In my case the controller was registered by Windows as an USB Human Interface Device, as a HID-compliant device and also as a HID-compliant game device

I'm not responsible if you broke your Windows, I only want to help you :cool:

Now, we will locate our button box device into that tree ;).

8. First, locate the good HID-compliant game device by doing right click > Properties, click on Details, select Hardware Ids in Property and look for the 4 characters folowing HID\VID_ in the box, it should be the 4 char in your Vendor ID you noted before (ex: 0x04D8). Just after &PID_, check that de next 4 characters corresponds to your Product ID (ex: 0x0611).

You may need to browse some entries in the Device Manager to find the good one. Once done, just close the Properies window and go to next step. If you can't find it, I suggest you to not continue as it could cause unexpected result...

9. Locate the good HID-compliant device by using the previous method (check Vendor ID and Product ID).

10. If you are sure you found the good one, click on Driver's tab and click Disable. (You may need to Uninstall it, but be VERY CAREFULL with that!!!)
OK, so now test if it's OK:

11. In Start Menu's search bar type joy.cpl then press Enter key

You should now see only one instance of you buttonbox controller + your wheel and your pedals...

12. Unplug buttonbox and replug it

13. Re-run joy.cpl and check that the device is still shown as one device.

Try it in rfactor :)

I hope it will help you and it is not too hard to understand!

PS: Sorry, I maybe mistranslated some user interface label as my Windows is not in English :p

Derek Speare said:
Here are some screen shots of the steps outlined above in antoinel12's post.







Below is the screen shot taken directly after the feature in question was disabled:




As many know, I am a staunch advocate of titles supporting unlimited controllers and offering proper three screen support. rFactor and its progeny are excellent titles. However, legacy support it often difficult as technology continues to advance. I say 128 controllers for rFactor3!

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Good eyes wgeuze! Worked for me. Happily back racing. :D
Now I just have to wait for my buttons and rotaries to show up to complete the wheel, than make a new cockpit possibly, plus a new display for the GI-Max and SPI-D.
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