Clubsport V2.5 major issues


Nov 16, 2018
So I have had my V2.5 for good amount of time and never had any issues..Added fanalab to it and took it to another level...NOW, i recently updated to latest driver, motor and base firmware and i swear it been nothing but the worse. Now this may have been coincidental but i swear the issue didnt start until after i updated it. So uninstalled and reinstall multiple drivers going back to 328 but the following is still my issue

1) after finishing racing, the fans, or motors continue going for another 5-10 minutes(crazy, right)
2)My porsche 918 led's only go to the yellow in function test but no lights during race
3) My display is very dim(light when you losing electricity) and completely off when racing
4) The vibration botton does nothing in function test mode and no vibration during races(Abs, sliding, etc)
5) It put a error when attaching my mclaren gt3 wheel and wont update
6) My Csl wheel wont be recognized at all
7) I get somewhat FFB but that about it

I have plugged in different USB's, unplugged, restarted, everything...Has anyone had this issue? It is really dying right in front of my eyes, is it time to upgrade to DD1 if its even worth it. Help or advice would be greatly appreciated