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Club RACE 07 - Free Driving Night - Friday July 25th 2008

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Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Staff member
Dec 26, 2006
We will setup the server for tonight with two add-on tracks (Goldenport and the Dutch TT circuit of Assen) and a free car choice between WTCC 2007, 2006, 1987, Mini Cooper, FBMW and Caterham 200.
Starttime of practice will be around 22:00 GMT, so this must be a good time for the North Americans and South Americans to join in for some racing.
Servers will be open to whoever wants to join and you can stay for as many races as you wish. But please drop a post in this thread when you want to join in!


Date: Friday July 25th 2008
Event: Free Driving Night with all WTCC cars + Mini + FBMW + CSR200
Time: From 22:00 GMT
Practice time: 20
Qualy Time: 10 mins
Race: 2 races of 15 minutes (each event will follow closely after each other)
Server: RaceDepartment.com #CLUB
Weather: Dry
Start: Standing
Special Password: Get it here
Allowed driving aids: Auto clutch/auto gears
Failures: Normal

1. Goldenport download link
2. Assen download link

Dave Gardner

Jul 15, 2007
just to let you know Bram, the link for the password isn't working.

nothing happens when you hover mouse over it.:thumb:


Chris Noble

Sounds good!

Need some decent racing after the bashing in the publics this evening!!

Marc Good

Nov 12, 2007
So I joined for the race at Assen and first had to get to know the track as many others aswell.. was there in the Seat but soon saw an E30 pass me so I was like: "Why not have some fun and practice some H-shifting and Heel'n Toe?".. and off I went to get the Alfa. For me these races were great fun even though I was unable to keep these little FBMWs behind my exhausts in the corners.. :pound:
It's still a mistery to me how someone could drive these old 87 cars as fast as (Gary?) did.. not bad, congratz. :amen:

All in all it was a fun thing to race - sadly it never got as close as the Cupra night earlier this week.

Thanks to all.

Gary Lennon

Feb 19, 2008
Aaah the E30,a good old freind of mine,and glorius Assen,after a few refresher course laps it all came flooding back,been a very long time since i drove that track,quite funny those little buzzing wasp FBMW's snapping at my back bumper :pound::p,i couldnt stop grinning at the mad top end speed difference,the old Bimmer fairly spanked their little arses down the fast bits,but they had the last laugh as tyres and being slightly over flambouyant caught me out letting Chris through,good fun messing around with Hansi at the end!! :thumb:.
2nd race i got very hooked up start and shot up to 2nd behind the orange Cat,it was going great guns as well but i could see where i had the legs on it,then took a wee knock up back putting me for some grass-tracking action,no big deal,but a cut warning,apology given afterwards so honestly no problems m8 :thumb:,the night was about slightly different fun,and it ticked all the boxes for me!.
Loved that next track after finally sort of getting my heed round it in the team Scotland FBMW,hopefully we will run something else there again soon.
Many Thanks RD for providing my racing fun once again,well done everyone in their chosen racing contraptions :D :thumb:.

Dave Gardner

Jul 15, 2007

i was going to join this but the combination of a hard week at work and a few pints of the falling down stuff and i was in the land of nod in no time, i love the 87 stuff, the alfa and e30 are so good to drive.

hope to join the next one.

" It's still a mistery to me how someone could drive these old 87 cars as fast as (Gary?) "

i totally agree with you there Marc, he must have an excellent set-up, which i think he should share or be banned from using the e30 again lol just kidding


Chris Noble

hehe last night was fun, Mind blowing crazy the extra speed that I could carry through the fast corners compared to Gary and Marc.

The final fast long left hander before the final chicane on Assen was great! I passed the cateram and Marc's Alfa on that corner going round the outside!

Had good battles with Gary, but on the middle straight its like he had a turbo or something as his car just took off leaving me, but I soon caught up him in the corners!

Done 6 races now in the little FBMW's and getting on quite well with them now in getting them set up. So should be good for the FBMW nations league that is starting in a couple of months!

Keith Peppiatt

Apr 13, 2008
was great fun seeing the mix of cars on the grid at assen! FBMW's deffo better on the corners with the tourers dominating the straights led to good battles... not that i saw much of it in race1. after getting a wee tap (which would normally be easy to catch) managed to spin the car as my wheel fell off the desk as i went to correct the back end. Good play to Simon though, he still waited for me to rejoin before driving on even though i had mentioned wheel came off desk. race was then on to close up gap to michael in his mini - the only one in the field. when top 8 crossed line still had a good half lap to go so hit esc to get back to pits for next race.

race 2, cannot remember what happened here too much, started to get tired. i remember at one point i was 1sec off eeeeeeeeeeevans ;) in 6th, the next I'm 8th and 20secs behind. I know i started to make silly driving errors, but that was past midnight after a long days work (preparing for audit next week!!! eek!!)

Onto goldenport. well another new track and with the reduced field felt it was safe enought to take out the "killskipymobile" in the form of a E46... in pink... of course! now, those that know me know that the bmw and me do not mix, i usually give it a very wide berth, but thanks to some set up tips provided over TS from michael managed to reign in some of the understeer i was fighting. race 1 saw me get into the 1:10's but i was no where near the pace and decided to call it a night as race 2 came on.
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