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Club RACE 07 - Caterham Night - Tuesday August 12 2008

I will join this Caterham Night

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Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Staff member
Dec 26, 2006

Class: Caterham Night
Tracks: 3 default tracks
Start: 19.00 GMT
Practice: 10 minutes
Qualification: 10 minutes
Races: 2 x 5 laps
Password: click here

Please fill in the poll with a yes or a no if you will join this race night! (votes can not be revoked so please think twice)

Thomas Lee

Jul 6, 2008
I should be there unless something unexpected happens, not many takers though. Still anything above 10 usually has a decent mix of ability.

Andrew Evans

bleh, why do people run races in the 15 minutes leading up to official kick off....?

Gary Lennon

Feb 19, 2008
Lol , too late to qual so start 18th of 18,about halfway down the straight cars started going every direction,including up the way,my race lasted about 30 meters as arrived at the scene with nowhere to go.
Race2 very glad and relieved to make it round T1,but a few turns later the guy just in front of me lost it,again no chance to avoid or anywhere to go other than into their car,off track,damaged up,race over.

Kimmo Tuisku

Mar 4, 2008
it was the first time i raced online with these cars ,and WOW that was really fun, it was clean and action filled races. Driving caterham
reminds me of the game "grand prix legends" wich is a cult game
and also pretty fun. Difficult to drive but when y get the right feeling
it is awesome. thx for tonight dudes

Hope there will be more races with caterham :thumb:

Kimmo = (swe) DrT

Keith Peppiatt

Apr 13, 2008
suprised myself tonight. decided to join in the 260... 320 still a bit of a handful for me!

Race wise Istanbul is far from my favorite track and ended up bringing it home 7th in race one thanks to an issue on the start finish straight. Consistency brought it home - never spun once! race two, not sure what happened here. sitting on red lights as they went off and i planted my foot i got the "you've damaged your suspension" message - very strange. first lap not too bad but on start of lap 2 in turn 1 got distracted as yoeri went in locked and deep and i missed my own breaking point (too soon not too late! weird huh?) turned in too sharp, caught curb and spun it to the inside of the corner. got back on track and spent 4 laps with weird handling and came over in last.

Now, one track i probably dislike as much as Istanbul is ol'e MC... the next track. Practice and Qualify i had no problems, never spun once... race was a different story though with spins out of hairpin, adilade and last corner... race 1 started 13(ish) finished 10 (thanks to DNF's - may have been one behind me). race 2 finished 8th, due to some last lap action where michael drifted wide and later two others collided. went away a happy bunny. Had one eyes shut moment though i think 1/2 way round lap 4. 2 cars had come off track (Pat and Thomas I think... there was just enough gap between them and i went for it without lifting, would have been nasty if i'd misjudged that one!

great racing again and well done to the winners. especially Ross "Banzai" Balfour... :)

Thomas Lee

Jul 6, 2008
I apologise, i know i ruined some of peoples racs tonight with my erratic driving.

I doubt i'll race these cars online for sometime.

I had a 6th place, in my first race, it went down hill after that.

Eck Simpson

Feb 27, 2008
Great racing, in great company this evening.

I was party to a couple of dodgy manoeuvres this evening, I probably didn't apologise enough for.. sorry gents.
I may also, have been on the recieving end of an opportune manoeuvre or two... lol.
All fun in the end, I wasn't too unsuccessful either.. no wins, but I did get a podium or two.

Thankyou to all involved. And sorry once again, to anyone on the receiving end of my stoopidity..

Thanyou also, to our organising parties... you know who you are...
Feb 17, 2008
I apologise, i know i ruined some of peoples racs tonight with my erratic driving.

I doubt i'll race these cars online for sometime.

I had a 6th place, in my first race, it went down hill after that.
dont worry thomas you did well, these cats are something special :)
just show up at as much event you can and you will see a big improvement
after a few month.

Karoly Kajdy

May 27, 2008
It was an awesome night
1st, and 2nd pos. in istanbul.
6. pos. 2 times in magny cours.
to drive this catherham very similar as the shelby cobra, reminds me of the gt legends too.
It was hard to stay on the track, so much power it has, and those breaks are light for this performance
staying always in the edge without mistakes, I loved it.

Ross Balfour

#99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs
Feb 25, 2008
Was a very fun night for me!


Race One:

Started 7th on the gird. As I went to go to race I realised I was in front of pole! As soon as the lights went out I couldnnt move as it was waiting for me to join the grid!! I got a stop n go for "Jumping the start" when I should of got one for "Dodgy Connection" So I went off and was 4th then I took my stop n go. I was about 12th and wanted to get 8th so I could be pole for Race2. I passed a few people who struggled to control the Caterhams and a few 260's. I was 9th on the final lap and was determined to get m8th who was Keith 8 seconds ahead of me! I closed him in a bit but not enough. But Laurence Lemon spun handing me 8th and Pole for Race2 :)

Race Two:

Was pole and got a good start and lead by 2 seconds after a few corners. But I soon had Eck and Patrick up my tail. Us 3 had pulled away a lot from the rest. I defended for 3 laps and was finally passed by Patrick at Turn 8 but I got him back the next corner. He then repassed me the corner after that. Eck passed me after I tried to repass Patrick and was down to 3rd. I looked in my mirroirs to see where Karoly in 4th was and he was no where. When I looked ahead of me I realised I had missed my braking point and went straight into the back of Eck. (Sorry!) I let him repass which allowed Karoly through aswell. I then repassed Eck and finished 3rd 0.043 ahead of Eck in 4th.

Magny Cours

Missed Practise and rejoined with no time left to do a lap I started 14th. I got a very good start and just avoided Thomas who had stalled. There was a big turn 1 pile up to I was up to 7th. I didnt know where to brake at Adelaide so I guessed (wrongly!) and went straight into Neil Tennant. I let him repass and was back down to 10th. I passed Michael in his 260 and was up to 9th. Again I needed someone to screw up if I was to take pole for Race2. Luckily for me Neil did :):thumb::pound:And I got 8th and pole for Race 2 AGAIN!!

Race Two:

Pole again and got a good start and was first by a good bit. Karoly although did what I did to Neil in Race1 and I got suspension damage. I still lead from the two Simpson's and had to defend my lead with a broken car. Sam give me another shunt :) and my car was even more difficult to control on the exit of the corners. I then had Eck and Patrick behind me but they both went off at Turn 1 at the same time! I lead by 4 seconds and won just about! :)

Was really fun night and thanks for organisation!!
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