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Closed track with defferent Start/Finish



And start/finish points

It is continue from my last post:

In my country there is a SS stage which is closed loop, but Start/Finish point are not on same place. It is advantage that on track can be many track. The rulle is start from the Start point, drive 4 laps, then on last lap go out on other location, which is Finish line.

I want create that stage for RBR. Attach 2 pictures- examples which I tested:

1) On first example you see that I added 2 track. Only one (longer) will be active, I mean with start finish point. That is ok, but, when I go trought second track, it says WRONG WAY, because it is out of first main track.

2) On second example I created loop of stages one to another. I don't know how to fix to be all in one place. But that working and there is no WRONG WAY warning.

On booth examples I think create stage in 3d model and set it on the stage in BTB (look my link for my last post abowe), on that way overlaping will not be visible.

Which exapmple you think it is better or you have better idea?