Circuit Paul Ricard Track Guide With Kamil Franczak


Sorry, guy, did not thought that it is seriously the case.

Where do you stop hearing:

I stop at 19.5, but perhaps thats where my speakers fails. Anyways i doubt that Kamil speaks at such high frequencies haha
It's interesting to see the direction this conversation has taken :rolleyes::p.

By the way, I recommend everyone watches the guides from this channel. They've saved me a lot of time on learning the new tracks from ACC.

Celtic Pharaoh

Thanks for the video but I struggle to hear what the guy is saying. Anyway for future just to lower the engine noise a little thanks
I agree. Volume levels need some balancing especially for someone who maybe isn't a native speaker as the accent can throw things off a bit. Maybe it was intentional though so as to not give away any secrets :sneaky::p


If it is possible, it would also be helpful if there was a bar graph of the pedal inputs so that we could see exactly when and how much he used the break and accelerator. Not sure if there is such a thing in ACC but every little bit helps us non aliens:D Thanks for the video and know that the time put into making this is very helpful for many of us!:thumbsup:
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