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Chuffed to bits

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Deane Cockerill, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Deane Cockerill

    Deane Cockerill

    Probably a pointless thread, but I'm feeling the need to share after what's just happened.

    I got this game 2 1/2 weeks ago (22nd Dec) & I totally suck... but enjoying it.

    The only other racing games I've played are Need for Speed Most Wanted, which I completed years ago, but it's still installed on my PC & probably wont get played again now,

    & of course the totally awesome (in it's time) Geoff Crammond's F1 GP from 1991. It took me a year to learn that game, & in the year Mansell won the F1 Championship I raced every race alongside the F1 on TV in real time, with all driving aids off, & I was good :cool:
    (incidently this is also still installed on my pc, but deffo wont get played again)

    So when this F1 2010 came out I decided to treat myself, despite the negative feedback about the game.

    I dug out my old wheel, Logitech Wingman Formula Force GP (190 degrees, 4 buttons 2 paddles throttle & brake pedals, force feedback) & was pleased to find it worked perfectly despite being unsupported (Vista 32 bit).

    Graphics set to Ultra, res 1680 x 1050 (limited by monitor).

    As mentioned before, I suck, so AI Amateur, auto brakes off, ABS on, TCS full, Gears auto, Pit Limiter auto, Pit Box Control auto, Rules reduced, Damage off, Tyre & Fuel sim on. Racing Line on.

    I have had to restart my career 4 times now due to various issues (sorted now) & haven't managed to get past Malaysia until now.

    Virgin Racing Team, so game objectives easy enough, seems to be qualify 20th & finish race 17th (roughly), & beat my team mate Luca Di Grassi who seems to come consistenly last [​IMG]

    Anyway Bahrain & Australia were easy enough, with a little bit of practise I was able to get around the tracks & meet the game objectives, even finishing in the points without too much trouble.

    Then next Malaysia. Almost impossible! Even with all driving aids on I couldnt get round this track, spinning off on virtually every corner! No matter what I tried I just couldn't do it, coming consistently last, way behind my team mate, miles off the pace...
    OK, so more practise needed. I practised & practised & practised, all to no avail, I just can't do this track. Always last, always miles behind, always coming off on virtually every corner.

    So yesterday dawned, chucking it down outside in the real world, the missus was going to be out all day, & I had nothing to do. Right, the days mission, to keep on at Malaysia until I can get around the track.

    I started at 5.30 am as soon as the missus left the house, long race weekend, lots of practise coming up. When P1 was over I restarted the session, & just kept practising. After about 10 hours of doing this, I had finally reached the point where I could get around most of the track, all except the exit to turn 9. No matter what I did, every single time I came out of turn 9 off the track I'd go, usually spinning... every time without exception.

    Like I said, I suck at this.

    By this time I had had enough, 10 hours straight & I was thoroughly peed off! Despite coming off at turn 9 I was managing to get 17th place & beat my team mate. So as a result I decided this will do, I decided to just accept keep coming off at turn 9, do the race meet the objectives & move on.

    I had a bit of a go on P2, & then to P3. Making sure I got above 20th place & was ahead of De Grassi. I had trouble in P3, probably because I had been playing too much, & started coming off on the other turns...

    About halfway through P3 it started to rain, in fact to chuck it down. Seeing as I hadn't yet achieved above 20th, or beaten De Grassi in P3 I kept going, into the pits, wet tyres on, & back onto the track.

    Around I went, couldn't see a damn thing, 1st time ever on wets or in the rain, & I nailed every turn perfectly, well maybe not perfectly, but I didnt come off once! Including the exit to turn 9!

    WTF! OMG!

    I even achieved 13th place! [​IMG]

    So, on to Q1. It was wet again, I went straight out & nailed every turn perfectly, 1st hot lap I got Pole Position. Well I would get 1st place seeing as I was the only 1 on the track.
    I only did the 1 hot lap, back to the pits, & just sat there watching the times put up by every one else to see where I would end up, ready to go out again if I didnt get above 20th (game objective)
    Anyway, end of Q1 & I was still in Pole Position by over 3 seconds!

    Q2 wet again, out I went straight away & took Pole again with a slightly better time than the previous qualy. Back to the garage, accelerated time, end of Q2 I was still in Pole! Awseome.

    Q3, 30% chance of rain, it was raining, I had a cup of tea & a fag, & by the time I went out it had stopped raining. I was on options, & although I didnt come off, I was dead last by miles (10th place I think, cant quite remember). So I restarted the session, & this time went out straight away, in the rain, & managed to put in a time of 1.41.xx my best time yet. It stopped raining, but no one beat my time, so I was still in Pole Position. I thought the Geordie was going to explode!

    So according to that, I'm crap in the dry, but loads better in the wet, go figure.

    On to the race (30% race distance). Can't remember the chances of rain, but it was low & was starting dry. The default strategy was 6 laps on Options, followed by the 11 on Primes. Due to my qualy times all being on wets, I didnt have to start on Options, so I decided to change it, to 9 laps on Primes, followed by the rest on Options. I figured with the tyre & fuel sim on, a lighter fuel load near the end of the race, I would rather have longer on the Options.

    So off I went, in the dry, from Pole Position & managed to stay there. Lap 2 it started raining, & stayed raining, getting wetter & wetter. The track itself stayed quite dry & I was getting around fine. Everyone else pitted around lap 6 or 7 & came out on Wets.

    I was due in at the end of lap 9 for Options, on my way round on lap 9 puddles started to appear & my tyres went orange, still no problem. In I went to the pits, expecting to be given Wets (even though I had set it for Options at the start of the race) seeing as it was raining so much.

    Apparently the Geordie man can't tell when its raining, & even after telling me everyone else is putting Wets on, he still gave me my Options! [​IMG]

    I came out of the pits still in 1st place, & just couldn't make the turn. Next corner, didn't turn. Next corner didn't turn... I had to go stupidly slow to turn, obviously my Options didn't like the rain & I should have been on Wets.

    At this point I didnt know how to change the tyres to something different from the race strategy. I had lost all my hard work. I paused the game & looked up how to change my tyres.

    I restarted the race, on turn 2 Webber clipped the back of me sending me into a 360 spin, not too bad, I slammed the throttle & kept 2nd place. By turn 9 I was with him again, I outbraked him & didnt give him any room to make the turn, & got my 1st place back, held my breath waiting for my spin out exit to turn 9, but was ok.

    As happened before, on lap 2 it started raining again. Good, I can do it in the rain, & this time I know how to change my tyres different to race strategy. :)

    I kept my 1st place, but I kept clashing with Webber, he kept getting alongside me, & I had to keep blocking him forcing him wide on turns etc to keep my 1st place. The rain got worse & worse, everyone pitted at laps 6 & 7 & came out on Wets. I went in on lap 9, having set my tyres to give me Wets, & came out just behind Webber.

    It stayed raining, & although I was racing ok, Webber very slowly was pulling away from me, I couldn't keep up with him, & 1 of the McLarens was slowly catching me.

    3 laps from the end (Webber 1st, me 2nd) I could still see Webber, & just about see a car in the distance in front of him, & the McLaren had caught me up & I was having to block him.
    2 laps from the end from the end, Webber got held up by the backmarker through turns 1 & 2 & I caught up with him, the McLaren was all over my backside, I was all over Webbers backside, & the backmarker couldnt seem to make up his mind as to where to go to get out of the way!
    We all got past the backmarker on the straight to turn 4. I managed to take turns 5 & 6 particularly well & found myself slipstreaming Webber, couldnt see a damn thing, just spray.

    Im thinking if I can stay in the slipstream (which I needed to do to stay with him as his car was faster) I'll be able to outbrake him at turn 9, & as long as I dont spin off I can stay ahead, the Geordie blokes screaming at me to get past beacuse there are only 2 laps left & I need to do it now.

    All I can see is spray... so turn 7 by memory... turn 8 by memory... OMG! I clipped Webber, suddenly I can see... Webber spins off to my left at turn 8... not my fault just cuz I hit him, I couldnt see, he should have taken the corner faster... just stay ahead, block block block... DONT SPIN OUT AT TURN 9...

    1 of my monitors falls off my desk, the steering wheel has come undone & is sliding all over the place... Turn 9... I manage to boot my pedals out of the way & go shooting off the end of the track into the wall!


    I hit pause & take a breath. I notice my missus is back, she is falling about laughing at my antics, apparently she had been there for about 2 laps & I hadn't noticed. So intense!

    I put the 2nd monitor back on the desk, luckily it didn't break, I screw the steering wheel back down, & retrieve my pedals. I do an instant reply & discover that when I clipped Webber he did a 180 & the McLaren behind me hit him head on breaking both of their front wings! Bonus!

    So I had a cup of tea & a fag, calm down a bit, use a flashback to undo me missing turn 9, & finish the lap & then the final lap with no unwanted shennanigans.

    Yay 1st place, the Geordie has a fit, Webber got 2nd place, 36 seconds behind me, despite going into the pits to replace his front wing, dunno what happened to everyone else.

    That was well earnt, even if I did use a flashback!

    I was so pleased with myself I took my missus to the pub & we got hammered, don't remember coming home, & I still have the hangover for it!

    Loving this game!
  2. Chris Rees

    Chris Rees

    LOL, class write up. Glad your enjoying the game!
  3. David Kaye

    David Kaye

    Certainly not a pointless thread Ssscrudddy, very enjoyable read, it made me smile :D. I like your missus watching you for the laugh (women they never understand, mine doe's not either), and going down the pub to celebrate, mate that is class your own podium celebration and getting hammered. Not remembering coming home beg's the question did you tell everyone at the pub about your antic's :D. Glad you had a good experience and it will only get better mate ! :D
  4. Jason Dewhurst

    Jason Dewhurst

    wow that must of took a while to write haha...classic

    and malaysia is quite easy once knowing the lines :)
  5. Jean-Francois Matte

    Jean-Francois Matte

    LMAO, great story on a great game! I had a few similar "intense" experiences with my GF spying on me, litterally rolling on the floor laughing while I'm on the last lap desperatly trying to hold my position...Just hope she doesn't "you tube" me one day !
  6. Fahad Gaffoor

    Fahad Gaffoor

    Sepang is one of the most technical tracks of the calendar, esp sector 2 and 3.. if you dont get a good drive, u will never be able to put in good times..

    @sssscruddy - its been ages since i actually read a long post like urs, but it was worth it..
    @david - my lady is getting around, when ever i sit to play, he somehow finds a way to get me off my seat and she takes the lead..
  7. Gary Thompson

    Gary Thompson

    One of the best reads for a long time .. thanks for taking the time to post all that information.
    I trust the hangover is now cured and your ready for you're next marathon !?
  8. Jason Dewhurst

    Jason Dewhurst

    Now that would be a vid worth watching!!!!

    get her to post it :D
  9. Nick Clyne

    Nick Clyne

    Fantastic race report mate.. felt like I was there.
    I especially like the part
    Cracked me up

    Congrats man!
  10. Chris Marshall

    Chris Marshall

    great reprt m8, i love races like that, amd i understand the fustration sometimes had in game. Ive a 70kilo English Mastiff and when i swear in race she doesnt like me raising my voice so she come in the office even with the dorr shut it wont stop her and insists on climbing on me. Her head is the size of a T-Rex and the added slobber on my face, wheel, legs and monitor usally make me crash.

    Anyways, great report i would liked to see the race Video, get fraps and record it, just make it half size as i do full size to upload and that takes around 5 hrs to upload at 1080p, but it better quality.
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