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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Simracers (2019)

Davide Nativo

Columnist for RaceDepartment
It’s that time of the year, when you have to get something saying, “I care about you” to your friends and loved ones but nothing comes to mind. Do not worry, we have the perfect solutions.

DISCLAIMER: not a sponsored article.
Prices may vary depending on your country/region.

Late for making your Christmas gifts? Need some quick but effective ideas? We got you covered! Ranging from all kind of prices, to all kind of targets, we are going to provide you with some snappy suggestions that will make your simracing mates, or just your very passionate petrolhead friend, very happy indeed.

Range: 10€/USD

Heel Tread Socks

Say you do not have a lot of money to spend, but still want to make a nice gift that leaves an impression. Well then, why not some stylish socks to show off? The Heel Tread Socks come with all kind of ‘skins’, we could say, meaning they’ll replicate through their fabric the colors and numbers of some of the coolest and more legendary cars in the automotive and motor racing history. Really, you are going to win it all with this gift.


Ultimate Racing 2D

Want to go digital instead? Break no sweat! Look up for “Ultimate Racing 2D”. A terrific retro game, available on the Steam and Microsoft Store (Xbox One), it features vehicles from Vintage F1 to Sportscars, GTs, Open-Wheelers, Dirt Cars, Oval Racers, Karts, Touring Cars, Buggies, even Limousines! You name it, you most likely can race it. It has rain, pit stops; really, everything you might want in a nice and original package, which is going to run smoothly on any hardware.


Range: 20€/USD

Online Store Gift Card

I get it, this isn’t that much of an ‘out of the box’ idea. However, it is still smart. You leave the freedom to your friends to choose their own gift, whether it is going to be some indie game, a sim on discount during the Holidays, or a DLC they wanted but never got around to buy, etc. They will love it, trust us.


Range: 25€/USD

Gran Turismo Sport

Does your friend have a PS4? Yes. Does he/she own GT Sport? No. Buy it for them, now! Seriously, it has got tons of improvements over the years, tons of new and amazing content, all for free (apart from the debated Lewis Hamilton DLC), and it is going to be an outstanding introduction to simracing and online racing. Who knows, maybe your friend will even win some of the tournaments held by the developers and become a fully-fledged professional racing driver one day. You’ll get the chance to say, “I knew him/her before he/she was famous”.



Is the answer to the original question ‘No’ instead? Then you cannot go wrong with some apparel. T-shirts, hoodies, you can find a lot of beautiful stuff if you look around on the web or maybe even in some shops in your town. Moreover, your friend will get to wear something representative of his/her passion. It is going to be simple, but effective. Go for it!

Range: 35€/USD

Ixo FORD MKII #2, B. McLaren-C. Amon, Le Mans 1966

While the “Ford vs Ferrari – Le Mans ‘66” movie is rocking in theatres, you could get an amazing die cast model of the 1966 Le Mans winner for your friend to show near their simrig. Might be difficult to explain if they are Ferrari fans, but it surely will be a story to tell and laugh about in the future all the same.


Range: 40€/USD

Can-Am 50th Anniversary: Flat Out with North America's Greatest Race Series 1966-74

This book is hands down one of the best I have ever read, and it is lately on sale for a steal price. Incredible and detailed story telling (foreword by Pete Lyons!), gorgeous period pictures (by Pete Biro), vibrant layout, and it hardly has any misprints (I personally found none) which is, trust me, pure pleasure for any book lover. The subject is popular, but not as well-known as people think. Enriched by interviews with some of the protagonists of the time, and moved by precise argumentations based on historical researches from the author, George Levy, it gives some amazing insight into this legendary series. If your friend likes to read, he/she will adore you for this gift, no doubts about it!

CanAm Anniversary.jpg

Range: 50€/USD

Automobilista + Season Pass

At this tier, you can get what are most likely the best sims available for the buck, complete with all DLCs: Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition and Automobilista. While Automobilista will probably outdo Assetto Corsa on the realism department, the fact that it has its focus on Brazilian series might either scare off your friend, or make him/her fall desperately in love with it. My suggestion? Take the chance.


Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition

Assetto Corsa is available also for consoles, better for a beginner into the world of real simracing, and has more popular content, which means that it is a stellar decision as well. Really, the choice here has to be based on your friend’s taste, but it will be a memorable gift no matter what.


Range: 75€/USD

Ride on Toy Car

Does your friend have little kids? Then a Ride on Toy Car is going to be lovely for them. Sure, your friend will remain empty handed him/herself, but they will be fond nonetheless of your gift for their cubs. If you want to pack the extra punch, you may go for an Electric one, but costs will rise. You have been warned!


Drive Experience

If he/she doesn’t have any kids, or you want to give them a more personal gift, you can go for a Drive Experience. Here you will have to look for the companies running this business in your country, and the specific deals they make, but generally, you will be able to do one or two laps around a local track or scenic drive in a supercar or hypercar. It is going to be an adrenaline rush, and your friend is probably going to hate you because it will become an addiction now. It is worth it.


Range: 100+€/USD

Racing School Driving Lessons

At this point, you could make any kind of gift you want, really. However, an original idea would be to have them going for a racing school, and learn to master some proper techniques that will become indeed useful also for daily driving. Another idea could be a ‘Safe Driving’ course, which is going to teach the driver how to handle treacherous road conditions or dangerous motoring situations. It is going to be an experience too, and a very useful one at that.


DISCLAIMER: not a sponsored article.

Hope you found the idea you needed!

I’ll take the opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and for you, your family and your friends to have a great time during the Holidays!
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Simracer since 99 / 3D Engineer & Game Developer
Where can I find good Nordschleife shirt? I want to buy myself one for my 30th birthday this 25th December , to enter in the 3rd and hellish decade with style
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Heads up guys, just ordered the Lego Technics Land Rover for £80 quid, half price.

For new accounts on Very.co.uk, add the code PAQ96 at checkout, that takes £50 off the already reduced £125.

Mines coming by January the 4th.

Wreckfest 16 euros (60% off) at Greenmangaming.

Wreckfest just got updated and got 2 new free tracks (again, that makes 8 new free tracks released this autumn). Multiplayer is hilarious fun, recommended with a wheel
I found the Christmas gift for 2019 in the $100 range

Puma announced today (19 dec) their new line of gaming footwear!

And if it exceeds the budget (like in my situation where you max can give €25 per person) then this is a good alternative:

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