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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the GhostSpeed Racing Race Report on Round 3, China, of Formula SimRacing 2014.

GhostSpeed Racing was left with another disappointing weekend in Formula SimRacing. The drivers put in a great effort this weekend and we hope that will continue throughout the season despite a difficult weekend.

World Championship:

GhostSpeed and Ash Racing have not scored a point between them despite the drivers efforts. The young dutch driver of Jorrick Boshove debuted in the World Championship for GhostSpeed due to Ville Leppälä being absent. Boshove definitely showed he is more then capable at competing in the top tier of SimRacing. Blair Disley also competed in China and finished a respectable 14th with Boshove closely followed behind in 15th. However, technical issues meant both Mark Aalberts and Italian driver of Eros Masciulli had to DNF. Both teams will be looking to get some valuable points on the board to kick start the 2014 campaign but first they need to start scoring points in Imola.

Ace Series:

On a lighter side, GhostSpeed had a positive weekend in Ace series. Unfortunately due to incidents in the previous round of Formula SimRacing Marek Godek was unable to race in China. It is a real shame; we believe he could have been a serious contender for some good points in round 3, China. Although, Marek was not competing, this did not stop the New Zealand veteran driver of Thomas Satherley completing an exceptional performance for GhostSpeed. In race 1 Satherley completed a strong race to finish in seventh and then quickly followed with 4th place in race 2. We are delighted for Satherley and we hope his exceptional performances continue through out the 2014 season.

Pro Series:

GhostSpeed was left disappointed in the Pro Series. Although Boshove drove in the World Championship for GhostSpeed he also claimed a strong 4th place in Pro. Boshove is really showing his consistency and we hope that continues. However, other drivers in Pro couldn’t show their spectacular form of late. The Spaniard driver of Adrian Falcon claimed a positive 11th place and unfortunately both Jeroen Kweekel and James Sadler has technical problems meaning they had to DNF. Andrew Ford did not participate in this round due to personal commitments.

"Driver Quotes From GhostSpeed and Ash Racing Drivers"
Mark Aalberts: At the start of the race I made a good launch and gained several positions due to staying out of trouble. However, on lap 2 contact was made with my team mate and the resulting damage to my car meant it was undrivable. As a result I decided to park the car as it was not safe to continue.”

Jorrick Boshove: I'm pretty disappointed with how the weekend went in Pro. Although finishing in 4th place is always nice but that was definitely not what I expected from a race in the Pro Series. An error was made by not adding the required amount of fuel for the formation lap plus the race. To be honest I don't know whether I would have been able to manage a podium anyway, but I would definitely have been able to put up more of a fight. Luckily I still have the lead in the championship. I expect to be right up there in Imola.”

Adrian Falcon: China was a disaster for me. I didn't have pace in any stage of the race. I could have finished in top 10 but I spun in lap 7 and consequently it destroyed my hopes of a top 10 finish.”

Jeroen Kweekel: I took a gamble and started on the hard tire in order to make up positions. However, just a few seconds after the lights went out I was left speechless as Mike and Victor (2 guys I know very well) crashed into each other, sandwiching me into the wall. That impact didn't damage my car too much but then I got another big hit from behind and had major rear suspension damage. I tried to pit but the damage couldn't be fixed completely. I tried to continue driving in order to pick up 10 points at least. Then in lap 19 or so I was about to get lapped (once again) and spun pretty close in front of the guys who where going to lap me. Luckily no contact was made but then I did realise I was a danger for the other people out on track. So I retired.”

"James Sadler: Disappointing weekend and season so far. Race went ok tried to do a 1 stop but once again couldn’t finish the race as I moved across and made contract with Dimitry Zaharov. I have since apologised and I wish everyone all the best for Imola.”
Overall we are satisfied with our performance this weekend. We hope to impress in Imola and deliver some valuable points in all Formula SimRacing divisions. We want to wish every driver and team good luck for Imola.

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Onwards and upwards.

GhostSpeed Racing
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