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Stefan Woudenberg

Nov 30, 2010

Get them here!

The Corvette C6 was first introduced in 2006 and has three road car variants including the Grand Sport, Z06 and ZR1. Racing variants include the C6.R.

Our C6 cars come in four different packages, each with upgrades affecting visuals or physics.

C6 Coupe / Grand Sport – no physics tuning options available, only visuals.
Z06 – additional Z07 physics package.
ZR1 – additional PDE physics package, as well as slight weight/aero tweaks for the cars with lights on the roof.

C6 Coupe
A good all-rounder, very capable with a good balance, light weight, it’s everything you would expect from a sports car. The C6 Coupe really can compete on all fronts with its European rivals. It symbolizes what Corvette is all about, surely one of America’s finest.

Grand Sport
Taking performance one step further, the Grand Sport brings in a better suspension package, brakes, and tires. The car is a little heavier than the Coupe, but the road holding capability of this car is without question. It is the easiest to handle in the Corvette range, with excellent tires and sufficient power.

Without question one of the most symbolic cars in Corvettes history. The Z06 is a significant player, with 505hp on tap, significant weight reduction modifications and other refinements, the Z06 is quick, very quick. The weight distribution is also near 50/50, providing excellent handling, but the ride is somewhat harsh in this one, and as performance increases, your reflexes need to as well.

The available Z07 performance package in our download takes things a step further, providing carbon brakes and semi-slick Michelin Cup tires. Such a combination results in a car that capable of beating the ZR1 PDE on some of the twistier circuits.

In order to surpass the Z06, something drastic had to be done. With the integration of a super-charger to their 6.2L engine, the engineers managed to squeeze out an almost mind boggling 638hp. In doing so, the engine is a little heavier than the Z06 and this additional weight is directly over the front wheels, resulting in a car that is a lot trickier to get the most out of.

The ceramic brakes are standard, and are certainly capable of arresting the car when needed. Upgraded tires are also equipped as standard to ensure the car is capable of adequately gripping the road, allowing you to deliver most of that power. The ZR1 is also fitted with a new variable ratio steering rack. Finally, with the PDE performance package, this car is capable of stunning lap times on the race track.
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Apr 23, 2014
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