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So, me and my mate wanted to do some racing around Spa in some GT3 cars to have some fun now that Sol can make a server run at night time. I hosted the server through content manager, set up two cars (Z4 and AMG) and set the track to spa at night. I was able to join just fine, but my mate encountered a checksum error. Here's a list of everything we tried that didn't work:
  • Using default weathers from Kunos
  • Changing the cars
  • Making sure the skins on the cars were stock
  • Setting the time to day time
  • Validating both of our games' files through steam
  • Reinstalling Sol and Custom Shaders Patch
  • Making sure we were both using exactly the same version of both Custom Shaders and Sol
Now here's two things that weirdly did work, but didn't solve our problem:
  • Joining a third-party Spa server that uses Sol
  • Running my server at Magione
This issue also happens at Silverstone, we need to do some more extensive testing to try and find out what the links are between these tracks.

Anyone got any ideas what the problem might be? If you need me to post any error logs just tell me where to find them and we'll send them to you.
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can be anything really..

Log files should be at:
server\logs\session and then a lot of "output%date+timestamp%.log"

Inside you'll find a lot of "Checksums" logs.
One of the Checksum lines should state the error for your friend :)

btw not all 3rd Party servers have the checksum-files laying on the server and therefore no checksum errors appear.

Also validating files doesn't mean that there won't be additional files that cause the problem. Although I wouldn't really know why this would cause a checksum error.. But it can produce other errors in the log!

Anyway, we need the logs :)