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Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Ruddrage, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. Ruddrage


    Hi all,

    Just thought I'd sure share this and see if anyone else has had this happen.

    I've just finished Race 17 in Korea, during qualy, it was raining but I managed to finished 11th. Not bad I thought so onto the race.

    Right at the start, when you are still in the pits, it said that there was a 12% chance of rain, it looked a bit gloomy outside but I couldn't see any rain. I checked the tyre choices and the engineer was suggesting that I start on the 'option' tyre. So I thought, fine and started the race.

    One the grid, it was absolutely pelting it down, and as the camera was panning from car to car, each of the also had the 'option' tyre on. As soon as the lights turned green, the sky changed to glorious sunshine and the track was dry. I thought meh, and just continued racing.

    After 4 laps I was called in to change my tires. When I exited the pits I was in 22nd position and stayed there right up to the end of the race where I decided to stop in front of the finish line and see what tyres all the other cars had, and low and behold they all still had the ‘option’ tyre.

    Anybody else ever had this?
  2. Scott Main

    Scott Main

    Sounds like you might be running short races (20%)? This was supposed to have been fixed with the patch, but try running a longer race distance. I run either 50% or 100% and haven't seen this happening since the patch came out.
  3. Joe Hubbard

    Joe Hubbard

    I had run a 50% race at Monza, and I had gone into the pits in 11th, came out in 22nd. I never saw another car the rest of the race, and I was watching the time gaps between myself and the others. They never dropped at all, so that lead me to believe they never went into the pits.
  4. Anthony Lucas

    Anthony Lucas

    usually when your race distance is short the ai dont change their tyres try 50% distance and see what happens i know sometimes it can be time consuming to play 100% races but 50 should do it
  5. pecty


    Any of you guys getting held in the pits for 20 seconds-ish?

    I have tried 20,30,40,50% distance, but it seems that the cars that come in to the pits are completely random, Sahkir; went for 7th to 24th. I was held by the lollipop man for 20 full seconds, then as I tried to work my way back through the field everyone was still on options. I started behind both Red Bull cars and they were green striped, white flag, they still had options on. When my primes started to go off, I fell right back down the field, and the AI just kept posting purple laps. I can hit my objectives of 18th place finish, but its really frustrating to quali 7th and finish around 10th because the other cars seem to have super tires and the pit delta is 15 seconds or so longer for me.

    sorry for the rant, needed to vent :p
  6. F1 2011 Rocks!

    F1 2011 Rocks!

    Yep, I reckon they're cheating as well (and I only run 100% races). I had to change tyres and came out with Primes - meanwhile, the AI cars that I was able to keep pace with previously disappeared into the middle distance - which can mean one thing only - that they were still on options.

    Come on, Codies. One more good patch and this will be the best F1 game ever! It's great as it is, but things like this are dragging it down. I don't think the modders can help with this issue.
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