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Changeable weather

Nov 21, 2008
I did the entire championship with the weather set as "Changeable"...but it was dry for the entire championship....not too exciting or changeable!!

Any mod to make rain a bit more likely in championships?

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
Staff member
Sep 4, 2007
i found a setting in the plr that is to set rain percentages and chance of rain thunder etc in changable weather and wich sessions both on and offline/ game modes etc it can appear in. unsure if it works tho.

Andrew Evans

the rain fix just stops the screen from freezing when the thunder sounds are played in heavy rain... nothing else....

also, changing those settings in the player file had no effect on the freq of thunder (was tested before we got the above fix!)

Stefan Gunnersen

If you had already started a championship before changing to "changeable", you won't see any changes - e.g. if you upgraded from Race '07 to GTR Evo and continued the championship.

Solution should be just to start another tournament and select changeable weather?