Change controls



Hey guys
my problem is that handling the cars with the mouse course often doesnt even work. Do you know where i can change the controls?


Hi. What Racer version are you running? Mouse should be enabled by default.

You're not running 0.50f are you?


Oh my, that's 050 final...that was released back in early 2003. Don't ask me why it's still listed on, it's so out of date now, virtually nothing will work properly on it anymore. So you're on a Mac then? My knowledge of Macs is nil unfortunately, all I can remember is some stuff from the RSC forum at different times about controls being handled differently on Macs to what they are on Windows. Someone posted instructions a while back to get the latest Racer betas running on Linux with Wine, I have Racer version 087 working well here on Ubuntu but no idea how well that would work on a Mac.

Instead, try the version on this page - it's still quite old but you should have far fewer problems:

Hope this helps :)