Chance of editing the first posts?

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    Now that editing forever is only done by premium members, there are many leagues/races/games that the first post needs to be edited, because:
    1. In leagues, the first post usually contains the list of races/winners and the standings. Also, rules are there and they might need changes or teams which need to be updated when a new player signs up.
    2. In Racing Club Races, or in Leagues' Races thread, the first post contains the names of the players that will drive at the event, as well as the results sometimes. This needs some editing as well.
    3. In Forum Games, the first post is the one that the players participating, high-score tables or standings are displayed. Poor Omer is editing so many first posts at the moment! :p
    I have thought that this may not be possible. I know that you need some money from premium members, and I think that this is a grey area.

    Tell me your thoughts, and let's discuss them. :)
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  2. Hampus Andersson

    Hampus Andersson

    Seems to be solved now, i can edit a post that i made in Aug 9th so i think it´s quite good now.
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