championship template (googlesheet)

Jul 7, 2013
Hi guys,

Im going to manage a danish championship in F1 2019 on PC - but i need a template in Google Sheets that can contain results from each race, and sum it up on a seperate page for the "Drivers Standings"

We wanna be able to accommodate a lot of players, so that more than just 22 can compete in the overall championship. But of course each race only has 20 drivers.

But if searched for quite some time now, and all i can find are either outdated files, sheets or people making stats sheets of the actual REAL life championship in a google sheet.... which i dont understand ANYONE would spent there precious time on when there is :D ? haha

If anyone knows off a nice detailer yet rather simple to use, Google Sheet where i can list participants, plot in who finished in what place and then it sums up the TOTAL points pr driver, and then ranks the driver with the most points in a decending order towards that one with the lowest amount of points. You know what i mean


Jun 26, 2009
Noone ever did this ? :D
Bit late, but there's a spreadsheet right here on RD if you're still looking (seasonmanager.xls in the 3rd post):