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Championship Setup? How To?

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I am after some guidance for setting up a rfactor championship/league. Here is the scenario :-

  1. I have about 100 sales staff who dip in and out of the main office. Who I would like to have access to race in RFactor.
  2. I have an allocation of 8 PC's within a training room, which I make use of to run RFactor. So 8 people could race in the room when they are in the office (team building tastic!)
  3. I would like it set so that, they can pop in and race each other, or the server bots and then their lap times, positions etc. Are totalled and a leader board is created showing the best driver. So I guess they would need a username or login that they put in?? Ideally this would be web based so we can plug through onto our intranet.
  4. I have access to a dedicated server which I can install RFactor on, no problem.
I have seen similar type scenarios, but I can't seem to find any info on what mods to use etc. To get this type of setup. My technical skills are good, show me a nat table, or ask me to do a php install, or modify a registry key and that's no problem... But I am a newbie when it comes to RFactor, and would be most grateful if someone could maybe take the time to help me on my way as at the moment I feel short of just getting a dedicated server up and running, I am bit stumped! Hopefully the above describes what I am trying to do, but please do ask any questions if I have waffled and not making any sense.

Many Thanks in Advance!


David Cuthill

Jan 24, 2007
Hi Andrew,

The first place I'd suggest you look is to Jaap Wagenvoort's GPCOS at http://www.wagenvoort.net/GPCOS/
Once registered, you can set-up your own private league and let it handle all the stuff you need. To quote Jaap "GPCOS handles the 'boring', but crucial stuff by supporting a league organisation with everything that is involved in managing simracing leagues: season, teams & drivers, point system, results, standings, statistics, penalties, media articles, comments and much, much more."
And if you need further recommendation, all the Race Department leagues use GPCOS.

The way in which it links the game player with the results is through each individuals rFactor profiles. It's going to be a bit long-winded for 100 people so I suggest you write up some instructions and get them to do it themselves! Basically:

- set-up of the 100 profiles for each driver (sales person) in rFactor
- registration of each person for their own account in your league section in GPCOS which includes uploading their own personal rFactor profile. So make sure they do the rFactor profile first.
- Get them to use their own profile when they go racing in rFactor
- Upload your server stats on a regular basis into GPCOS

Job done! If your then happy with the results I'm sure a donation to GPCOS would then be in order.

If you have any further questions, email Japp directly from the GPCOS site as he's very helpful guy.

Have fun.


Profile Management


Apologies for delay in getting back on this. MANY THANKS for your help. I have contacted GPCOS, it looks ideal.

The only query I have now is to do with the profiles and the machines. Ideally I would like it so that it doesn't matter which out of the 8 PC's they use, they can just hop on, select their profile and away they go. I can't really lock down one user to one machine as this would cause problems.

I know I can copy and paste the profiles around and maybe even setup a batch script perhaps to copy them across the clients? Alternatively does anyone know if there is a way to centrally store profiles, or indeed change the location path that it looks at for the profiles? You could then for example get them to put their profile on a usb pen drive. Then they could just plug in, load up the profile and bosch away you go..

Hmm..maybe even put the lite version of RFactor on the pendrive and run it from there? Anyone done that or somethin similar?


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