Caterham Series - Season 2 - Roadsport 140 @ Interlagos - Fri 28th May

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
At the very least, the Avon 500 tyres, and probably the 6-speed gearbox are the two main ones you actually need.

Tim Ling

It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work
OK. I'm planning on being the Hispania Racing Team tonight. 7 secs slower than everyone else, but what the hell!

Paul Wright

guys i can only apologise, had lots of problems with the pc freezing in both races, reduced visible cars and detail and allsorts after race 1 and race 2 was just as bad...i darent even look at the replays.

Have fun, best wishes....wrighty

Tim Ling

It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work
Well, that was awesome :) I finished both races, albeit the last of the runners. The first race I got a tap and hit the armco, which lost my 3 mph on the straights :( The 2nd race I went from 17th to 9th, then got overconfident and lost it at T1, and then again on the infield section :rolleyes:
But once I got back in the groove, I was catching the next driver up. Another 10 mins and I might of caught him ;)

Great cars, great track, nice one Stu!

Toby Davis

Ridiculously good.
Seriously, I have never had so much fun! Even though I was slowww.

Race 1 - Great start, up to 4th, tried to do a dive down the inside and span. I was mid pack, tried the same again on Can, span. Back of the field...
Worked my way through the pack to about 9th then I got to Wayne. Then the fun began :) Lap after lap we overtook each other until I ran out of talent and put a wheel on the grass. Had to settle for 9th.

Race 2 - Lucky qualifying, drafted Chris Butcher to get 4th place. Another brilliant start, up to second, then got rammed at turn 3 by Michael (no worries mate ;) ). Down to 6th. Got past a couple of cars in a fight, when they tangled, and was hoping to reel in Jose and Wayne. OH NO. Here comes Michael, with some serious speed advantage. Cue another battle, this time for about 9 laps straight. Each lap we overtook each other time and time again, we both tried different defensive lines, I even let him through a couple times just so I could draft him again down the next straight to try to open up a gap, but it was useless. In the end, I let him by a lap from the finish and followed him through to the last corner, whereby he was swerving, trying to break the draft, but I managed to just squeak by just before the line, few thousandths in it.

Seriously, guys. I wasn't as fast as I normally am in a new mod, but I tell you what, I've never had so much fun on rFactor. Cheers everyone, well done Gary, and thanks especially to Wayne and Michael for making my decision not to go out a good one. :D

Wayne Reed

Well that was awsom stuff

spun in race 1 from 4th to 16th cam back to 9 th i think it was then in race 2 started 5 then up to 2nd had an all long race with jose every lap it was the race of my life 2nd place waaahooooo:D

Julien Luca

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Meh, got disconnected in race 2, otherwise had the most EPIC battle with Nigel in race 1. Nice one mate :cool:. 5 laps of pure racing, superb! Looking forward to the next one..
omg what a race still sweating

*qualy 1*
missed Gary going out but could get draft of someone else :) so i managed to settel for 2nd on the grid

*race 1*
totaly bad start lost 1 place to Stu and was going to stream him on the strait but unfortunate i got a little love tab that send me
into the gravel (dun worry Wayne happens :) ) from then i was a bit over motivated and trayed as long the field was close to get
back into places sorry to all who i might touched in that progress came up to 4th and even closed in on 3rd but i was running out of time
5 mins more and i would probaly got back to 3rd but my car lost about 5 km/h topspeed so i had to make time up in the infield

did not expect Gary braking for the red light at the pit exit so i gave him a love tab after lights turned green we both put the hammer down
and had an awsome qualy stream i was bumpdrafting him on the straits while he was giving me slipstream out of the corners so we both
filled again first row he in 1st me in 2nd again:)

again i failed to set a kungfu start and lost 2 places this time but got a good slipstream from Toby out of turne 2 but was totaly supprised he
braked 15 meters earlyer as i did normaly (realy sorry mate we could have gone for 2nd and 3rd if i would not be that stupid) from then i was
again on fire till i came up on Toby first i through it will be a easy part to get him, and it was but i could never get rite of him so on the next strait
he was right away saying nono this spot you wont earn easy :p from that point we changed positions 2-3 times a lap i was knowing if he would be
behind me last turne i ccan do nothing but look how he takes 4th of me and timed it so that i would be behind him but WTF one more lap to go o.O
and he was not going past me on the backstrait there i ws already knowing i will be 5th but still tryed everything to get a little gab and might
break slipstream out of last corner but hell no way he was like glued to my tail and then he was past me and won the sprint to the line with less then
a hair wide realy awsome dude enjoyed this soooooo much cant even tell

thanks to all who showed up and Gratz Gary for the dubble tonight :)

awsome car track combo again Stu thanks for orgenizing this mate and mucho thanks to RD for hosting
The Hermy setup of the night was maybe one his best ever?!....Came very very close to binning it badly on the final turn of qualify,thankfully held it and didnt lose a lot and had pole,and then another rare moment for me in the Caterhams,a fairly decent start!,well decent enough to keep the lead anyway but Stu was coming along for the ride,then he got fed up coming for the ride and blasted past!! :o,i happily followed and returned the favour,we played this out a couple of times and i thought at one point i had pulled enough gap,but again Stu went total turbo down the straight and past,eventually i got the big luxury of a 1.1secs gap!,in other cars not such a big deal,but in the Caterhams thats sort of getting in to breaking the draft zone and therefor becomes priceless ;),i knew now was the time to bang some laps in and try and build on this and very slowly and gradually,almost organically,the gap started to creep up in my favour a bit more and more to the finish,so race one in the bag by just a bit of good fortune with Stu dropping the ball a bit giving me that crucial break,from then on the pace he was running would have meant lap after lap position swaps like many of you experienced tonight.

Chuckles and lols at the pit exit for qually 2 ;p,me being a Scot,ofcourse i even feel pain losing virtual rF game credits!,so i wait at the red light,i heard the others behind coming and had a glance in rear view and sort of realised "this gang of mentallers aint stoppin" :O lol, Michael "Hamilton" Herrmann gives me a smack up the backside as i do a quick Kimi point at the red light!! >;D,anywhoo qually went dandy with some draftage action between me and Hamilto...i mean Herrmann ;p,sealing off the front row,so double pole and possibly an even better start?!,amazing :),i had one brief look back just as i tipped it in for T1 then made a vow to myself not to look back again!,so instantly got the head down and really pushed the first lap as much as i dared,i think it was all very busy behind too so this time the job got done quite early on,my main enjoyment for race 2 apart from the wonderfull feeling car and maybe the best sim rendition of Interlagos i have ever seen,was watching the names and gaps behind me literally going crazy as the gang behind,which included a few new names,started really enjoying what these cars offer,which is some of the best and most closest battle pack racing i have ever seen.
Thanks all there tonight making the Caterhams grids look more like they should do.

Big Thanks Stu & RD

Ross McGregor

Well-attended event last night, some nice racing too.
During race one i got up to 4th but spun at the last 'proper' turn and found myself 9th. Worked for the rest of the race to gain back some positions, and had a nice duel with Jeffrey for a couple of laps (we watched Can- i think- flip in front of us!) before cacthing Ben with a few laps remaining. We had an enjoyable battle for a while, i tried to make a move at T1 but just locked up. Eventually, in the draft, i was able to pass on the way to the finish line to snatch 6th.
In race 2 i tried to avoid all the first turn shenanigans, and was under attack from all angles at turn 4, but i somehow scraped through to 4th or 5th. I was catching Toby ahead of me and Michael was behind going much quicker, so eventually he went past and i tried to stay in the slipstream. However, i got crossed up into one of the hairpins and lost 2s, and lost the draft! I could only sit and watch as Toby and Michael pulled away, and they had a side-by side battle for the next 10 laps! After a little bump between them at T1 though, i was able to catch up in the last couple of laps and join their duel but made a silly mistake at T4 and dropped away, letting Stu pass on the last lap.
Good racing for the most part, Gary and Michael seemed to be way quicker than everyone else, and i had a scrappy performance. Most enjoyable however.

Hans Sneep

It was awesome tonight ( how fast things can change in one day!)

Race 1; Quali on p14 had a good start an after T1 on p11 some hassle in T3 going up to p8 Ben an Wayne going by after lap one p11 good battle with Can an Michael who was in a hurry,having Tim in front an Julien on my tail Tim off again still on p10 after 5 laps Wayne an Julien closing an Wayne going by Toby all over me an making my first slip of Nigel an Julien go by so back to p13,
Can closing in an making the same mistake in the last slow turn before the strait p14(having some trouble with that corner)Paul again closing an passing Jeffrey dropped back an we have some nice fights together, Paul of again an Jeffrey an I going for the finn.I think 5 mtr.short so p14,but with a big smile on my face:D

Race 2 ;Quali on p13 (one sec faster) but dropped back after the start to p16, again trouble in t3 back to p14, slipping badly in the last uphill corner again all the cars go by p 17 damm..
all in lap 1.
Paul off in t1 but closing fast on me an try to pass in the slow chicane give him not much room an we touch going both off sorry Paul not my intention to run you off.
Ron an Jeffrey in front Paul behind an catching all of us, finding Tim again an in lap 7 closing on Ron having great battles together till they end of the race , Tim p13 an me P 14 again .

Great racing again with you guys ,thanks Stuart fore a perfect race night.:good:
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