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Caterham Roadsport165 @ Nurburgring GP - Friday 20th August

Feb 3, 2009
I have just learned about this event from my friend Gregory and i,m very disappointed not to take part, i always look in calender and this one wasn't listed:confused: so i joined minifriday :frown: . I supose this is still my noobness in forum, one learns new things every day:rolleyes:

Hope you guys had good race:tongue:

Bob Hutchins

May 21, 2008
Another good nights racing tonight. Just a couple of things that went wrong, race 1; tapped Nigel going into T1, waited but this put me back in the clutches of Neil. We had a nice little fight until I finally got by but then got held up, Neil caught back up but we tangled going into T1 in which I came out worse, race over. Np Neil these things happen from time to time.

Race 2; starting at the back, got by a few cars on lap 1 & then I followed Neil for a while, got by but again we made contact a few corners later, I think Neil was trying to tell me something tonight or maybe he just wanted my car, lol. This put me to the back again, had a nice couple of battles getting by a couple of drivers & then I meet Can. Followed him for a good few laps looking for a way to get by. But I got caught out later on by his braking into T3 which resulted in me spining, the rest of the race was me trying to get back on terms with Can but only caught upto him right at the end of the race & with no more laps left that was it.

Thanks Thommo for a great track & more of them cool Cats. Grts to Gregory on both race wins & thanks to all you good fellers who showed up to race.

Neil Gault

Feb 21, 2008
It was another night of fun with the cats :doublethumb: but it would of been better had Bob and i not touched a couple of times :frown:
Race one Bob and i wee very close for lap times and i managed to stick right behind him going through the chicane and going around the last corner i was glued to his bumper so i managed to draft him and get the inside line for turn one but i thought i was further ahead than i was and when i braked the car pulled to the left as it does for turn one and i collected Bob sending me into a spin and Bob into the wall :redface:
Race 2 was much the same with Bob and myself again running together and we touched again as i ran close was was not expecting him to slow as he lost the back end a bit so it did not help him when i gave the nudge that sent his little tail out into a full off track spin, so it was back to the back again as i waited for him to rejoin.
Had a couple of other little scraps later, one with Can Ozcelik who must have wondered why i lifted to let him past just a couple of corners after i went past him, but although from the replay i see he left me plenty of room to pass him but at the time i thought we were a lot closer so i cut the corner to avoid contact.
Not long after that i managed to lock up the brakes going into turn one and spun which meant my race was all but over for the night.
Loved the close racing that these babes bring but i know i will have to try with virtual mirror next race as i found tonight that the real mirrors in cockpit view failed to make me aware of just how close the others cars were on track.

Thnx all for some fun yet again.

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
Jul 2, 2008
I have just learned about this event from my friend Gregory and i,m very disappointed not to take part, i always look in calender and this one wasn't listed:confused:
Yeah, I was on holiday all this week, so the calendar entry got missed, but the event thread went up last sunday, so it was there in the euro racing club forum fot the best part of a week. We always have a cat event on fridays - if it's not n the calendar, check the

euro club forum.

Gary Lennon

Feb 19, 2008
Ive almost run out of exciting ways to describe these Caterham events,really enjoyed the slightly new flavour of class,great to see brother Degreef at a Cat night laying down the pace mark,spent the whole length of race one just hanging on to his draft,never quite close enough to finish a pass,but i was quite pleased to be able to keep Greg very honest to the finish.
Race 2 with a super start and a hassle free sneak around the outside of T1 and keeping the run going for T2 and finding myself in 2nd place,Nige in 1st let me through with the plan of sitting in behind and we both draft ourselves away clear up front,a good plan really this early apart from the fact i seemed to completely forget how to drive the car between the races :// ,so the plan went down the toilet a bit as Nige got compromised and held up a lot causing us to be joined by 3 or 4 other cars,it was like it needed Greg to be in the lead for me to chase and i suddenly woke up and got the speed up again,i pushed and closed a bit on Greg then a very small error cancelled it all out again >:/,Greg took pity on me and waited and then we got to resume race one action again with the same outcome....just never enough extra speed to pass,but very happy to keep trying :D.

Thank You Stu & RD

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