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Caterham Roadsport165 @ Nurburgring GP - Friday 20th August

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
Jul 2, 2008

Servername: RD CATERHAMS
Mod: Caterham v1.75 & 30 car patch
Class: Roadsport 165
Track: Nuerburgring GP
Day/Night: Day
Event start: 19.00 GMT (British Summer Time observed)
Practice: 20 mins (before first race only)
Qualification: 3 laps superpole
Warmup: 5 min max.
Race: 2 x 25 min races
Note1: Click here to read the password and golden rules!
Note2: No restrictions on upgrades - all are allowed
Note3: The password for the mod will be passed via PM after a sign up post has been made if you have not driven the mod before.
Note4: The current skinpack is available here. Copy to "\rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\Caterham\Roadsport\skins"
Note5: We will stay with the 30 car patch. Please see the upload for installation instructions (link) The only change required is to move the "bak" file out of the rFm folder to prevent confusion.

I am not around for the week, and only 50/50 for the event itself. Do NOT PM me with any questions, as I won't be able to read them. Ask all questions in this thread, someone will be able to help you. There are enough people I trust in the Cat series who will be able to take care of you for this event if I don't make it home in time.

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
Jul 2, 2008
Entry List

  1. Robert Woodward
  2. Tim Ling
  3. Paul Wright
  4. Wietse Visser
  5. Neil Gault
  6. Gary Lennon
  7. Nigel Atkins
  8. Dennis Noble
  9. Bob Hutchins
  10. Ross McGregor
  11. Stuart Thomson
  12. Eddie Halgren
  13. Abdul Canbaz
  14. Can Ozcelik
  15. Driver
  16. Driver
  17. Driver
  18. Driver
  19. Driver
  20. Driver
  21. Driver
  22. Driver
  23. Driver
  24. Driver
  25. Driver
  26. Driver
  27. Driver
  28. Driver
  29. Driver
  30. Chris Butcher

Chris Butcher

Red Bull Gridsters 2012 Champion
Jan 15, 2010
Judging by the name it seems to be the defautl ISI track, please correct me if I'm wrong.

By the way, sign me up please :) You not racing this one Stu?

Gary Lennon

Feb 19, 2008
I reckon Thommo is on his holidays just now aint he?,and if no track link provided then assume its a default track...

Grovelling humble sign up please after "blotting my copybook" last week with a no warning no show... :(

Hans Sneep

Sep 19, 2007
Can't race Friday,preparing for my holiday leaving in the weekend to France for 3 weeks:cool:

Have some good race's !

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