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Caterham downloading solution !!

Sven De Nys

Dec 29, 2006
Hi guys,

After a lot of problems, I've just managed to install the Caterham Pack using a cool Steam feature (Yes there are some). When you installed a game once, you can download it again wherever and whenever you want.

First of all you need to close down Steam on your regular PC. Then you just need to install Steam and Race on another PC. When that is done, the link to download (steam://hardwarepromo/370) should work. Then you can install the Caterham pack there. After that is done, close Steam.

When that is done, return to your regular PC and run Steam. You will see the Caterham pack in your games list, but it isn't installed. When clicking with your right mouse button on the Caterham icon, you can choose: "Install game". Steam starts installing the Caterham pack then, on your regular PC.
And when that is done, You own RACE Caterham on your regular PC.

Clive Siggs

May 6, 2007
Well then it sounds like the problem is possibly an entry in your pc's registry that is causing the error.

Maybe if you can find the registry key and delete it, you may be able to use that link on your own pc?!

Would be nice if it was that easy ;)

Lars Gerrit Korb

That's what I exactly thought too, Siggsy.

But where to look for this config. or key?
Somewhere in the Valve/Steam folder.

Gimme a note if you found something.



My catheram expansion works fine so i dont need/want to try...but have u all tried with ccleaner? do u know it?
It is a freeware that cleans also the registry.
It search for not corresponding keys/applications and delete those keys.
If yours installations are not complete it can find the key and solve the problem i think.


Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Staff member
Dec 26, 2006
Few guidelines for Caterham addon

As posted by Simbin on RSC:

There are some compability issues due to so many things changed with Caterham addon.

It's strongly recommended you should start from clean table and do the following:

1. Create new profile. Many things changed and this is recommended to avoid any compability issues, especially with sounds.

2. Pre-patch replay files might not be fully compatible with Caterham addon/patch and it's adviced to delete "old" replay files.

Incase of Force Feedback settings doesn't feel the same as with old profile, there is fully editable Controlset file available which allows to adjust all the control settings.

Custom profile needs to be created to find the file in:

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\Your Account name\race\UserData\ControlSet (default path)

Choose one of the presets and start editing and it will create custom Controlset.

Ingame menu (Options->Control settings->advanced>force feedback) also gives some Force Feedback settings for adjusting.

Now have fun drifting around with Caterhams