Caterham Academy @ Mills Metropark Long *** EVENT CANCELLED ***

Paul Wright

Paul Wright booking in please.....and hoping to see a chequered this time haha.

Oh yeah, will the skins that were supplied in the last skinpack (last week) be included in 1.3 or should we re-install that pack to the academy folder please?

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
v1.3 will include the new skins you sent me, plus all the previous skins from v1.2.

As the skins are of a "one size fits all" style, they can be used on all Caterham models within the mod, so copying to the Academy/Skins folder works fine, as long as you select a car that uses that skin folder.

See Note 4 in the top post for the simplest car to use for all the skins to work.

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
If there isn't more confirmed interest by later on tonight, I'll scrub this event.

Looks like you have to offer points on the results to get interest these days. :frown:
just as i was about to sign up lastnight the PM came through warning of more RDHGP duties pending....could put me as a "tentative".

Paulo Ribeiro

Animals and Racing Lover
I will be there aswell. Please sign me up Stuart.

EDIT: we just posted at the same time. It's a shame another event with so few guys interested.:eek:

Ross McGregor

normally i would've joined but i've an early start on saturday morning. (picking up a kitchen then heading to knockhill!)

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
Yep - I understand. Whatever time an event gets scrubbed, someone will always be disappointed, but this way is the least disruptive, and doing it this early at least gives you enough time to find another event to drive.
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