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Casting for Germany's best junior driver



Roller race driver search - First winners!

On the 3rd of January 2015, the first casting for Germany's best junior racer began at the largest Roller furniture market in Cologne.

Each driver was given seven minutes on the virtual racetrack with the Roller Corvette to burn a fast lap into the asphalt around Hockenheimring GP. After nine hours of thrilling races for the last thousandth of a second, the first winner was found. With a time of 1:38:250, Julian Kunze made it just 42 thousandths of a second ahead of the second place Johannes Scheuerle to secure the final at the Hockenheimring.

Refusing to accept defeat, Johannes Scheuerle traveled 570 km to the second casting in Glosar, Lower Saxony, Germany. The long journey proved worthwhile and at the end of the casting day, as he placed his name atop leaderboard where he undercut the fastest time from Cologne by three tenths of a second! Winning his invitation to an evaluation course with the BMW 235i at the real Hockenheimring.

Julian Kunze and Johannes Scheuerle have earned a chance for a sponsorship of 30,000 Euros to participate in the VLN endurance racing championship in 2015 as a team partner of Daniel Keilwitz. Are you up to the task? Join Roller in two e-sport events and compete online to earn a place at the evaluation course in the BMW 235i at Hockenheimring.

Casting Schedule:

17.01.2015 - Roller Berlin
24.01.2015 - Roller Eching bei München
12.01.-23.01.2015 - Online at game.raceroom.com

View the competition terms and enter the online competition today for a chance to become a professional race driver. Good luck!
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