Casting Call - JP Pack Film MP Sessions - Drivers, Drifters and Semi Drifters needed

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    Howdy friends,

    I am working on a rather long film focusing on the JP Pack (street) plus JP mods (street). The big thing I want for the footage is for the cars to be almost always together as a group. That's not something that can be achieved with AI. So I am really hoping some of you guys would like to take part in some MP sessions for the film.

    When I get these sessions together, it is usually not going to be a race.

    An example of some of the scenes I would like to do:

    Cars parked in parking lot, lined up.
    Short burnouts
    Short donuts
    Revving engines
    Lined up on Lake Louise Highway idling - then revving up and down and launch
    Cruising several of the Lake Louise layouts - slowest car always up front, fastest in back. Cars behind always pushing and screwing with cars ahead.
    Hooning - drifting -probably on Modena

    So that's just a snippet. To get all the footage I would like it would probably take like 6 MP sessions about an hour long.

    I would probably try to coordinate this on Saturdays at 6 PM GMT-- 2 PM Eastern U.S. We would need to use TeamSpeak to communicate. You don't have to have a microphone, but would be helpful.


    Not a new forum account--created this week or later.

    If you are new to the forum, post a video of you drifting a JP street (non drift) car on Modena.

    Follows Director's instructions
    Like JP Street cars
    Can use TeamSpeak
    Good internets connection - 200 ping and under when connected to Europe server

    You can drift Modena or other tracks.

    Want to join us?

    RD forums are not gonna work to coordinate this, full info and coordination will take place on Reddit.

    Want to join us?
    Send me a PM to get an invite to ACFilmGroup on Reddit.

    Current Driver Roster
    Andy Riches

    Film post production assistance
    Sleeper Service
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