Cars Vibrating in pitlane


Hi Everybody!

I'm having a problem with my BTB track.

In rfactor, the cars vibrate up and down and will not move (i.e drive)

The pitlane is made of terrain but the material's Racer surface is road.

Please Help if you can!

Make sure the 'rFactor Material Name' for the pit lane texture is set to roada. 'Racer Surface' is only for exporting to Racer, it's irrelevant to rFactor


Oh, right. I think that I misunderstood "RACER surface" as in RACER = ME!


Anyways, thx for your reply. Will try asap.

Kris Vickers

No Erwin. But the TDF defines how to read what surfaces have what surface properties (i think).

So it might not recofgnise that the road has a drivable surface texture and therefore sticks you in 'space', which is why its vibrating and wont move.
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