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Cars turning abilities

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Jason Norment, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. Jason Norment

    Jason Norment

    Hey guys,

    So i am using the V8 Supercars 2014 ( Updated version ) that you guys have here. Its amazing, with all the tracks in the 2014 calandar and know all the cars it makes for a real racing feeling.

    One problem, seems my cars dont like turning at high speeds, going through the shicane at the gold coast in the first few turns i have to be real slow in order to get the car to turn in. Comming into that scary as corner at Adelaide i think its turn 8, the V8 drivers do it in 6th gear but i have to chuck her down into the 4th gear in order to not smash the fence. This means my lap times are 5 - 6 seconds slower then the field. Extremely frustrating. Anyone able to lend a hand? I have downloaded the car setups for tracks.. Just would like my car to turn at fast speeds :)

  2. Jose Borges

    Jose Borges

    Hi! There is a 21 step setup guide for gtr2 which helped me a lot. Just google it. Although this is rfactor the basics are the same... Take a look at it.

    For example, at bathurst the backstraight has a slight turn right, i used to take 8 or 9 values to rear wing and i had too much understeer, so braking to the next corner was hard. Right now i run my setup at 2 points in the rear wing but for a long time i placed it at 1. Thats one point, Aerodynamics.
    Then there's the surface of the road, at that specific turn i had to set fast bump and rebound with high values, for the only reason that there is a high bump inside that turn (which is my racing line) and i mustn't lose grip there so a i can brake safely to the next turn.

    What i'm trying to say is it's hard to help with so little information. I love bathurst and seriously i've gone around it about 5000 times, laps, and only last week i was able to run below the 2:09 second...

    Change values within the rear wing and suspension but first try go round it with 5th gear and see if u get under or oversteer, 4 wheel drift, does it loose grip mid corner, or is entering in that corner hard, ony then you'll be able to get better at it. Go in and change values and run 5 or 10 laps and see how it goes.

    These cars use tires which the lvl of grip is at its best at around 100ºC... That will help a lot, it's a pointer that your getting the most grip out the car so the info the car gives you is more reliable.

    I'm not a master of setups but this is what i do. Cheers